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Create Fuller Lips

Today, let's discuss how to create fuller lips. Three exercises and tips will help us achieve that goal.

1. Lip Sumo

I have a friend who's a sumo wrestler. His name is Yamasan, and he's really great at what he does. I'm not sure if this is relevant at all, but anyway…
Lip sumo is a great way to train the orbicularis oculi muscles in your face. You know those three donuts? The one on top of your nose and the two on either side of it? Anyways… there are actually two orbicularis oculi in the corners of your mouth. And the one we want to train is the upper lip one. If you press that tight enough, it will activate more muscle fibers than any other exercise out there!

But remember: when you press your lips together, your teeth should never touch each other! This will cause tension in your face which isn't good for you. So make sure you keep space between them as well as between your upper teeth and lower teeth all the time. You can check out our TCH video for more information about how this works and what exactly "teeth contact habit" means if you're unsure; it's really important!

2. Mewing

If you're not mewing, you could be losing your lips.

You might be wondering what mewing is. It's a little bit of a tongue exercise that helps keep your lips full and healthy.

And the best part? You can do it anywhere! So don't wait to start giving your mouth a workout and make sure you don't lose the lip definition you've worked so hard to achieve.

Here's how it works, when your tongue is in this position (as shown in the video), the maxilla that's your upper jawbone is lifted and pushed forward, which gives your lips more definition.

3. Drinking

If you're anything like me, you can't seem to get enough water. And why should you have to? The benefits of proper hydration are countless.

But did you know that there's a way to make drinking water even more enjoyable?

I recently did a how to drink video so check it out. Drinking is so important. I'm not going to talk about all the detailed tongue movements in this video, but every time you drink, you want to use this muscle, not this one. This is the muscle that connects your lips and forehead it's called the orbicularis oris (OW-rib-you-lar-is). When you use this muscle, it makes your lips fuller and rounder, which makes them look more youthful and beautiful.

The more you use this muscle, the weaker it gets relative to your lip muscles, which means that eventually, your lips will get smaller and thinner as they become connected by fewer muscles. This is what happens when we age our cheeks get hollowed out and our lips become less full because we don't use that orbicularis oris muscle anymore!

So here's my advice: drink water every day with an upper duck lip instead of a big duck lip.

We've been practicing the three exercises from our first video, and I just wanted to give you a quick summary of what we've learned.

The first one is lip-sumo, in which we focused on this upper muscle, not this one, and made sure the tongue was up against the space between our upper teeth and lower teeth. We shook it off for 10 seconds, but not off shaking it will really work in my opinion. The next one is mewing because that maxilla is going to come out to support a fuller upper lip. And number three is drinking less and more at the same time. That's right! When you're drinking, do it through your nose instead of stopping halfway through the mug. We are all participating in the Face Olympics right now (yay!) and thank you so much for watching us and trying these exercises out with us! Let's keep doing them together and make face yoga as interesting as possible!

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