Create Fuller Lips

Create Fuller Lips

The fullness of the lips is increased as the maxilla moves forward. I have observed that some individuals perform exercises such as making exaggerated facial expressions in an attempt to achieve fuller lips. However, these exercises may not be suitable for everyone. In this regard, I would like to introduce three exercises that can be used to enhance lip fullness.

1. Lip Sumo

The upper lip muscle appears blue and is considered a sleepy muscle, while the bottom lip muscle is red and overworked, leading to a fuller bottom lip. To activate the upper lip, press both lips together tightly, while keeping a small space between the upper and lower teeth to avoid unnecessary tension. Focus solely on the upper lip and relax the chin muscle by placing the index fingers on the corners of the mouth and smiling slightly. Hold for 10 seconds while practicing hard mewing with the tongue up. Remember to maintain symmetry and release the tension afterward. This exercise is part of the Koko Face Yoga daily courses and app, which offers personalized routines and instructor certification. Additionally, learn how to drink properly using the activated upper lip muscle.

2. Duck Lip Exercise

To properly train your upper lip muscle, it's important to avoid engaging other muscles such as the bottom lip and chin tension. A good exercise to achieve this is by creating a Cupid's bow shape with your upper lip, while keeping the bottom lip still. Make sure not to make big movements or engage other muscles like the nose or cheeks. It's recommended to check yourself in the mirror to ensure proper form. Remember, every time you drink something, you're activating this muscle and making it stronger. With consistent training, you'll see improvement in the size and strength of your upper lip.

3. Face Posture

Resting face posture™ is crucial for overall facial health and appearance. It involves keeping your tongue up and your lips slightly smiling even when your face is at rest. Not maintaining this posture can cause your face to elongate instead of growing forward, which is not ideal. Another tip is to use silicon tape while sleeping to keep your mouth shut, which helps activate the upper lip muscles instead of overworking the bottom muscles. Lastly, two exercises to help with the resting face posture are lip small and duck lip. Keeping these exercises in mind and implementing them regularly can lead to a fuller, healthier-looking face.


Lip Sumo is an exercise that targets the upper lip muscle by pressing both lips together tightly while maintaining a small space between the upper and lower teeth. The Duck Lip Exercise involves creating a Cupid's bow shape with the upper lip while keeping the bottom lip still, and both exercises should be performed with proper form and consistency for best results. Maintaining a good resting face posture is also important, which involves keeping the tongue up and lips slightly smiling. Using silicone tape while sleeping and practicing lip small and duck lip exercises can also help achieve a fuller, healthier-looking face.

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