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Create pointy chin

Today, I'd like to discuss creating a pointy chin and addressing concerns about excess fat in the mental area. Instead of focusing on fat, it's possible that the issue lies with an overworked muscle. The red areas represent overworking muscles, while the blue areas depict relaxed muscles. Rather than engaging in exercises that may further tense the muscles and worsen the situation, it's important to avoid training the overworking muscle. We need to focus on relaxation instead. By enhancing the sharpness of the jawline, we can achieve a more pointy appearance.

1. Neck Stretch

Neck stretches are important to relieve tension and prevent muscle overwork. However, if you have neck pain, avoid these exercises until you recover. Sit with your spine straight, avoiding crossing your legs. Begin by counting to three, then lower your shoulders and open your chest. Slowly look up, stretching your neck, and touch the ceiling with your tongue and nose. Return slowly and stretch the back of your neck as well. Avoid wrinkling your forehead or closing your eyes tightly. For more advanced stretches, try tilting your head at a 45-degree angle and repeating the exercises. It's important to work both sides of your neck to maintain symmetry. These exercises not only benefit the neck but also help reduce the appearance of a double chin.

2. Anti bulldog face exercise

To achieve a sharper jawline, we will combine neck exercises with my favorite exercise called the Anti bulldog face. Before we begin, please ensure you don't have neck pain. Identify which side feels tighter or harder to lift. Focus on that side for the exercises. Place your finger on the tighter shoulder and tilt your head at a 45-degree angle. Make sure to tuck your chin in. Stretch and lift your head three times, then repeat on the other side. You can also try a more advanced version at a 30-degree angle. These exercises train and stretch the muscles, promoting symmetry and elasticity for a lifted, sharp jawline.

3. Tongue exercise

Exercise number three focuses on reducing tension in the chin and cheeks. By relaxing the chin muscles, such as the mentalist, we can prevent them from becoming too strong and bulky. If you're unfamiliar with the NU-W exercise, check out our popular YouTube video available in multiple languages. Now, let's introduce a new exercise. Start with the level one version, where you open and close your mouth. Then progress to the more advanced version by keeping your upper and lower teeth slightly apart while performing a clicking motion inside your mouth. Aim for a clear sound, indicating the use of tongue muscles instead of mouth muscles. To summarize, the first exercise is the neck stretch, followed by the 45-degree and 30-degree stretches for facial symmetry. Finally, we introduced the tongue exercise, progressing from level one to level two.


These three exercises focus on relieving tension and promoting symmetry in the neck and facial muscles. The neck stretch, performed with a straight spine and without neck pain, helps release tension and prevent muscle overwork. The Anti-bulldog face exercise combines neck exercises with specific head tilts to achieve a sharper jawline and lift. Finally, the tongue exercise targets the chin and cheek muscles, reducing tension and promoting a more balanced appearance. By incorporating these exercises into your routine, you can work towards a relaxed neck, a sharper jawline, and improved facial symmetry.

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