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Eliminate 11th Frown Lines Between Eyebrows

Forehead smoothness become much improved way better than before. Simply touch and then find out you've you feel it? Lots of people tend to do like this and to do like this, right?

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about 11th lines on the forehead between eyebrows. I was looking at my old photos and I noticed my forehead was so bumpy. It's like more than 10 years ago, but then my, like my forehead, it's not this smooth, but it's like, there's one round. And then there's one more big mountain. Unnecessary one or above the eyebrow. That's one. The other one was this one, this one, it's a smooth. And then there's one big bump. And then there's another big bump. So there it's just so bumpy forehead. I, at that time, I didn't know much about it, but now I know I really like forehead, smoother forehead I believe. Smoother forehead the better, for younger looking. So today I'm gonna talk about this 11th. And if you want to know about this, eyebrow version, um, check the other videos in the past that I did. First of all, the reason why we get this bumpy stuff and then the bumpy one is becoming big and then easily get this 11.

Is this corrugator muscle is always in, in, in, in. So I would like you to wash your hands first, and I would like you to touch just simply just touch it. And I like you to find the bump first, this bump, the smaller, the better, but you might find it's really big one, and you might think it's bone because it's so strong, but it's not bone it's just muscle knot like the one you get in shoulder. So put your hand and then smooth out, just simply touch and then find out you feel it? I still feel a little bit big one, but that was way bigger than before, because I thought it was a bone because it was so bigger and this I feel bump and there's not a bump. So this two guys are the muscle knots that we wanna break it down today. Make a fist

And we gonna use this knuckle second joint of the index finger. And then this is a knot mountain. So you wanna bring it lift, not lift move out, out, out, out, out and the other side out, out, out, out, out and it might become a litte bit redness, but it's super temporary. So that's okay. That's it, very easy. I like doing this with some skincare cream. When you, when you wash your face and apply one of your skincare cream. I do this every single day in my case, because I've been doing every single day for the past, what like five years or so. Cause it's easy. Um, I don't do this. I just do ppp ppp ppp just quick one. But if you're not used to this and it causing too many wrinkles because it's quick and I don't use much wrinkles. So I, I do like this, but at the beginning I suggest you to hold it.

And then one, two, three, four, five, and then one, two, three, four, five. The reason why you wanna hold it, is otherwise you might cause wrinkle. See? This is not what I don't like. That's why at the beginning you hold it and then one, out, out, out, out out and the other side out, out, out, out, out or I'm using this knuckle. But if the bump is so huge and this is too small, then use the everything like this here, big one, two knuckles. And then one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. If you do, when you do skincare, it's super easy and you can make it a habit so that you can do every single day. The point is you don't have to do the 11th, this one inside the eyebrows. You don't have to do anything because the cause of this line is this corrugator outside. Like this guy and this one, this two are the one you wanna break it down.

If I compare with myself right now, 41 years old and more than the picture, more than 10 years ago, I think the forehead smoothness become much improved way better than before. Because at that time I didn't know anything about it. I was just my eyebrow. I was doing some crazy facial expression all the time and showing my emotion on forehead too much. I mean, I didn't do this guy, but this one, yes, I was doing it too much. And now I'm aware of it. I don't do 11th. Cause I'm conscious. So you have to be really careful not to do this, not to do this. That's given that's given. But in addition, if you do this, it will be easier for you not to do this one. So both are very, very important and this. Yeah. So forehead smoothness is one of the, maybe top three big improvement.

Since I became very serious about face posture and face yoga. Other thing you might be doing to create this. 11 is a posture when you're sitting down. If there's a screen here, lots of people tend to do like this and they do like this right? To, to see the screen and then see if it like this. Yeah. So my head is like this out like this, like this, that causes so much tension in the neck area. And then you cause this 11th, lots of tension unnecessary happening here, which is not good. So my, my favorite recently is, uh, this is, uh, I don't know what this is like a cushion. So I make sure that my shoulder and it's touching on, on this cushion and a little bit, my head is a little bit down to touch, touch. What is this, this guy, this cushion.

So I try to be touch- my head is supposed to be touching on this cushion, even when I try to read something so that I don't do this. If I'm doing like this, it's not, my head is not it's separating from here. Then I notice it. If you haven't got our face yoga app, please try it. It's a free download available on iPhone and Android. Lots of cool features like personalized menu for your concerns and tracking system and a reminder system and lots of cool things happening soon. So stay tuned and thank you so much, see you in the next video bye.
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