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Eliminate Double Chin & Saggy Neck With Face Yoga | Easy Face Exercises For Sharper Neck & Jawline

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Hi Everyone. Today I'm going to talk about how to reduce or prevent double chin and a sharper jawline. I've done this kind of video before, so you might have watched it, but this is the latest version. The good news about neck exercise is that this is one of that easier fix because it's, those are bigger muscle compared to other facial muscles. So let's do it. If you have neck pain, don't do it. Wait until you recover. If you don't have neck pain, let's do.

First, have a good posture. If you're crossing legs, don't do it because I need your spine straight and the head is on your butt. So it's not like this or this. If you're doing like this or this or this, don't that. Good posture is key. And then let's see as a finger-like here and then stretch. I mean, not stretch round one, two, three, four, five times, at least if you want to do this way, this is good too, but always end with this because I would like to open your chest so like this, and then slowly look up and then stretch your neck as much as possible. Keep the stretch, then stick out your tongue to the ceiling, like licking the ceiling and then not like around, more like pointy. And eh, the difference let's do it like this and stick out your tongue to the ceiling. Then 10 seconds.[inaudible]Then slowly come down. That's it? I, this, this clapping for the purpose of counting, but you don't have to do it. You keep doing this and open and then do it. And then slowly come down and look down. You do not have to make any weird sounds like me. I was just doing for the demonstration purpose.

I would like you to focus on your neck muscle, not the throat. So you don't have to make any noise unless you want to make fun. Warning, you might be causing a wrinkle on the forehead when you look up, so check your mirror or phone in selfie mode and then make sure that you're not causing wrinkles. Please do that. And if you have to cause wrinkles, you know that you're causing wrinkles, but you cannot stop it. That happens. I understand if that's the case, close your eyes so that you don't have to look at anything. If you have to look at something you might cause a wrinkle. So just close your eyes. That is it for the neck area. But what about this side neckline or jawline? There's another one, basically. Same thing. Look 45 degree up. And then do the same thing. I like doing use the hand then do like this, like this. To stretch like this stretch, this area you should feel more stretch.

If you do this version but if you can not do this. It's okay. You can just do this or just don't anything. And then just look 45 degrees and the same thing. Let's do it. So look 45 degrees up then stretch your neck. Stick out your tongue.[inaudible] 10 seconds. I did that. So of course we want to have a symmetrical face. So do the other side then my case like this [inaudible] then come back again. You do not have to make any noise like me. I'm just doing for the purpose of YouTube. Then you might have felt one side is easy to do. The other side is not easy to do. Then do the other side. Do they a harder side, one more or two, or even three more to make the face and body more symmetrical. If you haven't got the yoga paper yet, please do so because this was updated, just visit my website to find free yoga paper and the book and the sugar oil app are available.

If you have any trouble with the app, please email us We will fix that. And then also AI Koko is available. If the AI Koko can not answer because it's a robot, I will answer. So please check my website and see my newest version of Koko.

Thank you so much see you in the next video. Bye.
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