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Eliminate Double Chin

Today I'd like to talk about the double chin good news about this double chin is it's a relatively easier fix because it's a bigger muscle compared to other facial muscles, so let's talk about three exercises and tips face posture tips. Let's do it.

1. Face Posture

Here's the deal your face is resting, and it's not doing anything. But that doesn't mean it can't look great! Here's a before and after of my own face, showing how much difference a little mewing can make. Notice that when I'm just sitting here, my tongue is down in my mouth. That means my neck muscles are relaxed, so my posture looks a little droopy. But when I lift up my tongue, instantly all those muscles get tight and my posture pops right up! You should always be doing this time posture—but if you don't know what new English is sure to check out our mewing101 video first.

2. Face Exercise

Let's move on to face exercises, and then we'll move on to neck exercises.
So for this exercise, you want to make sure you're sitting up straight. Don't cross your legs. Then put your head on your butt. The answer is there. It's not like this or anything like that, so we keep good posture then one two three and open your chest shoulder down then slowly close your eyes and look up big stretch on the neck and then try to touch the ceiling 10 seconds then come back it's a bit more tiring because I'm making sounds, but if you don't want to use any other throat muscles then don't make any sounds either—don't use sound!

Don't stick out your tongue too much because that's weird; just stick out your tongue all the way up but don't stick out your chin like this (demonstrates). You want a skinny tongue not a fat one like this (demonstrates again). And then we want to do pointy tongues not flat ones like this (demonstrates again).

3. Body Posture

I'm here to talk about body posture. It's something that a lot of people—especially young people—are concerned about today. And the reason for this is that bad posture can cause a double chin and other loose skin on your neck and chest.
As you probably know, when you're working on the computer or sitting at your desk all day, it's easy to get into a habit of holding yourself in a way that causes your neck and chest muscles to be stretched out. This makes the skin underneath them loose, which can lead to double chins and even worse triple chins!

So what can you do? Well, if you sit at a desk all day like me, my solution is my head pillow on the chair. I got this gaming chair, and there's a pillowcase on it for the head. This really supports good posture because if I don't have my head attached to this pillow, it trains me to have good posture all the time and I think that if you're not fat and still have loose skin here (like me), then your body posture must not be as good as it could be.

Let me break down three exercises for you. The first one is mewing. I'm sure you know what that is just make a sound like a cat! And the second exercise is to look up, but don't hold your neck in place, let it move as much as possible. Close your eyes and try not to touch your chin with your finger. Then open your eyes, point your tongue at the ceiling, and then close them again before touching your nose with it.

Now for the third exercise: Look up 45 degrees, then lift up your temples like this—you should feel a stretch in the back of your neck—and hold it for 10 seconds. Then repeat on the other side by lifting up that temple even higher and holding it longer if necessary. I recommend doing all three of these exercises every day!

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