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Eliminate Frown Lines


Today I want to talk about how to fix these three exercises. This is blue/red, so you guys should know that dark blue is the same as other blue, and this is our method for sleeping muscle that's why it's a more dark red than usual. That means in our method, this muscle is super-strong compared to other muscles. It's like always a lot of emotion! Every time I do this as a demo, I have to iron it out because I don't wanna read it.

1. Breakdown Muscle Knot

If you're like me and have a super strong corrugator muscle, you probably have a little bit of a bump above your eyebrow on both sides of your forehead. You can use this knuckle, or if you have the Guasha tool, you can use that too. I don't have it right now, so I'm gonna use this. Still if you have some kind of not soft but round pointy stuff, you can use that instead!

The first thing we're going to do is find the muscle knot around here like here and here and I suggest starting with the dominant eye because dominant eyes tend to have more muscle tension than non-dominant eyes.

Still it really depends on the person and if you don't know which one is dominant eye. The easier way to find is by using this method  make it a little bit smaller like this and imagine this is your camera and take a picture which eye are you going to use to take the picture? Right eye probably for most people's right eye is dominant (and also my left), so I'll be using my right eye for now!

2. Malaris Muscle

The first step to waking up the masseter muscle is to place your fingers on the tempo area, which is located next to your eyes. You should not be putting too much pressure on this area, but enough to feel the movement and hold it for ten seconds.

Once you have made contact with the muscle, move your fingers up and down in a rhythmic motion for ten repetitions. This will help wake up the movement of this tiny muscle.

The next step is to stop moving your fingers and only focus on feeling the movement of this tiny muscle. This can be difficult as it's a micro muscle, so you want to do a micro movement and hold it for ten seconds each time until you feel like you can't move anymore.

The last step is to repeat these steps while using your pinky finger instead of your pointer finger. If possible, try doing all three steps at once so that all four fingers are used during training!

3. Stop doing bad facial habit

Do not use this muscle; stop making the bad habit. That's like to be the most important thing, of course, this one then this one it helps, but if you keep doing this excess, I mean the emotional expression it can it's not gonna fix and um yeah I have seen a botox simple botox corrugator here. I have seen someone who's super botox, and then she was making this motion, but because this is frozen instead somehow she was using this muscle like this. It was interesting, and every time she used this um muscle because if this is frozen only here, it's moving like this, and it starts stretching the um upper eyelid muscle, so I wasn't sure if it's a good idea if you keep doing this, it's better not to do this use this I better not to do this anyway from the beginning so that you don't have to depend on botox. I'm gonna definitely put two mirrors so that I can catch it um yeah and also if you have a chance to show your camera, show your face on zoom conference or something schools how it because the more you see your face, the better you notice you can catch if you take my session I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna um kind of screenshot or tell you that you're doing this thing but um not everyone takes my session, so you have to catch by yourself another thing I keep saying this because I love this tape transport linking bio, not bio below description box um, but I highly recommend it if you can wear this when you're sleeping or even when you are awake. That's even better because you make facial expressions. Maybe like this, you try multiple ways to do it, but it could be like this or crossing like crossing every time some kind of touch um any physical touch on the overworking muscle  it can relax the muscles that's why I like it it's same as using the fingers but you cannot always finger here and then driving or working or cooking or cannot do that right, so this is a good friend to support to relax like this could be like this or yeah and if you feel like you're done you have more eleventh when you wake up that means you are doing it you have nightmare you are so stressed and you're doing it even when you're sleeping.

Let's sum up the three things we discussed to relieve lines because wrinkles are caused by a muscle called the orbicularis, it's red when tense and darkens as we age. We need to relax this muscle, which kills it, makes us look younger! Flex your knuckle and find the muscle on this side of your forearm with it. This will be easier because you have more space to feel around in.

Malaris deactivates the inside muscle you don't have to use but activates the one that is not there. Then the second step is with fingers only but not without finger support. First, do it up and down then look at your fingers to the side for another repetition.

The last thing you can do to stop making bad facial expression habits is hard, but once you find out when and how it happens, it's easier to be aware of your body language. Repeating the same stressful experience over and over is a way of figuring out what's causing the stress in order to stop it.

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