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Eliminate Horizontal Neck Lines

Double chin. You can easily change the height, height, of this pillow, my case, this side is a little bit deeper. So maybe I'm tilting a little bit this side. Hi everyone. Today I'm going to talk about how to prevent or reduce vertical, not vertical, horizontal lines on the neck. In our recent video, I did how to fix vertical line on the neck, but today it's gonna be the horizontal lines. Today we gonna do three tips and exercises.

Number one, check your pillow. I do use this special back sleeping support pillow. But I mean, this is not a good example. So I'm gonna use this regular pillow. So check your pillows height, height cause if it's like too high, you might be sleeping like this, like this, like this see? Double chin and too much because it's too high. That cause wrinkles horizontal one. Imagine you sleep.Let's say eight hours per day. One third, almost like one third of the day you're causing wrinkle. Of course your gonna get this. So if you don't have perfect size, perfect height pillow, this is a good solution that I used to do until I met the back sleeping pillow. So you get this kind of a big body size towel, then just, just do just fold it. Then can you can easily adjust the size like this. So yeah, it's like this. So you can just do like this or this or this. Maybe this is too, too low, but you can easily change this height, height of this pillow. Or you could do like ah, if it's too could be like this high. Yeah. And then, I mean, that's too high for me. So I'm gonna do like this. So, and then just sleep and then make sure that it's not make sure that it's not causing it's not like this, just like this.So make sure that you're not causing wrinkle.

Tip number two, posture when you're awake. So the tip number one when, was was a posture when you're sleeping and then tip number two is a posture when you're awake. So because of the phone or looking on some tablets or something, people are always looking down, always down, down, down, down, the more you down it, the more line it. So posture is super important, especially for the neck. If you're concerned about this part. And then I noticed some people do like, including me but like this, like this, like working on computer like this. And then this is, this is another one you might think it's good to stretch. Yes. If it's short time, but if it's long time stretching, stretching, stretching like this, then the skin become too stretched. It doesn't come back because it's a long time stretching. Then, the skin stretch skin shows us wrinkle as the horizontal one. So always puts your head on your spine and butt. When you're standing, when you're walking, when you're sitting all the time.

Number three, stretching exercise . So this is a stretching exercise, but it's a short time, like 10 seconds. That's why it's okay. I just don't want you to do this stretchy position too long time. That's gonna, yeah. So number three exercise. So let's do it, but do not do if you have neck pain, be careful. So, unless you have a neck pain. One, two, three shoulder down and then unless you have neck pain look up. Actually I have a little bit of neck pain, so I need to be careful and then stretch the skin and stick out your tongue. So this is the same one same exercise that I've been doing as a anti double chin exercise, but it's really good for reducing or preventing horizontal neck line as well. So it's a pointy tongue. The tongue should not be, this is round. What I want like is then 10 seconds. And then slowly come back and stretch the back of the neck slowly. I did the side neck version in the past. So please check that if you haven't watched it, but I wanted to talk about something. So when I see people, sometimes I can tell that the person, which side the person is sleeping on side sleeping. For example, if this there's a line, but sometimes this line is deeper than this or this line is deeper than this. So if this is deeper, probably you might be sleeping, like this, like this, and wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle see? You're doing all the time.

So if, if you don't know which side you are sleeping more, probably you might be doing alternating or just check your neck. My case, this side is a little bit deeper. So maybe I'm tilting a little bit this side so that I can tell I'm not I'm sleeping. So I cannot tell how I'm sleeping, but I can tell from the neck line. So if you have ah, let's say this one is deeper and this one is less probably you are doing this all the time. Be careful. Don't do that. Try to alternate this side or this side, the best one is back sleeping though. Other thing you might be doing like, this is my sofa and TV is on this side and there's table. So I'm always doing like this. um not maybe not like this, but doing like this.

I don't know, but doing some kind of this posture all the time to look TV, and then you get more lines here, but less line here. So furniture position or monitor position matters. And number three was a stretching exercise. This is okay for stretching because it's only 10 time. Not 10 time, 10 seconds. And you might want to try one, two, three times per day. If your interested in other exercises, check my website to free download the yoga paper. If you haven't done yet. And sugar oil is available there, and app is available, we gonna provide personalized, personalized menu for you. We are adding tracking system so you can check your progress and reminder is launched as well. So check it out. It's free download and yeah.So thank you so much. See you in the next video. Bye.
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