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Eliminate Laugh Lines

Let's discuss how to remove or prevent laugh lines, also known as smile lines or nasolabial lines. Loss of elasticity is a common cause of these lines, as when the skin lacks elasticity, wrinkles tend to form and remain. Collagen also decreases with age, so it's recommended to consume collagen supplements or powder to support healthy skin. However, as a muscle expert, I focus on the facial muscles. The skin sags because the sleeping muscle is weak, while the overworked muscle pulls the face downwards. Today, we will explore ways to address this issue.

1. Nasolabial exercise using tongue

For an instant fix to erase laugh lines, use your top pointy tongue to reach the area next to your nose, where the wrinkles form. Move your tongue in a circular or wiggling motion to push out the lines from the inside out. However, this is a quick, temporary fix. For longer lasting results, apply skincare cream with your fingers all over your face, but be careful not to stretch the skin, which can cause sagging. Instead, focus on lifting the cheeks, as this can make you look great even if you have some lines. Avoid worrying about the Nestle Avia line, which doesn't make you look old, and instead concentrate on maintaining lifted cheeks.

2. Wake up sleeping muscle

Moving on to a more long term solution for wrinkles, it's important to focus on sustainable methods rather than quick fixes. By stopping bad habits that cause wrinkles, you can prevent them from forming in the first place. One way to do this is by waking up the cheek muscles, specifically the xenomaticus muscle, which can be achieved by lifting up the cheek during eating. This action stimulates the palate and activates the maxilla, leading to lifted cheek muscles and a reduction in lines. It's important to note that these exercises may cause temporary symptoms, but once the cheek muscles are strengthened, they will not cause lines. To further reduce wrinkles, it's also essential to relax and de-stress.

3. Relax DAO muscle

This can be difficult since tension in this muscle is often a default setting. To start, feel the separation between the upper, middle, and lower face. Relax the depressor anguli oris muscle and use two fingers to lift the cheeks, keeping the lower face "dead" and only using the cheek muscles. This helps to avoid sagging and the formation of "nestle lines." It's important to not use the lower chin muscles when speaking, eating, or drinking. Check out videos on how to relax and train these muscles, as well as smiling and drinking techniques. The first step is to feel the tension in this muscle and find the separation between the upper and lower face.

One quick, temporary fix is to use the tongue to exercise the nasolabial area to push out the lines from the inside out. For longer lasting results, it's important to focus on sustainable methods such as waking up the cheek muscles by lifting them up during eating, which activates the maxilla and leads to lifted cheek muscles and a reduction in lines. Additionally, relaxing the depressor anguli oris muscle, using two fingers to lift the cheeks, and avoiding the use of lower chin muscles when speaking, eating, or drinking can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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