Eliminate Mid Cheek Lines

Eliminate Mid Cheek Lines

Let's talk about mid-cheek lines. These lines happen to very young children or even babies, or they can happen because of the body, not the facial bone structure but it changes with age. I'm talking about the mid-cheek lines that happen to you after you grow up because of aging.

We're going to introduce three exercises to improve or reduce or prevent these mid-cheek lines!

1. Cheek Massage

So, today I'm going to show you a quick technique that can help get rid of that pesky mid-cheek line.

If you've been wondering how to get rid of your mid-cheek line (or even if this is something new for you), this exercise is for you. It involves hooking the cheekbone and maxilla slightly up to quickly massage the area.

This is a great way to get rid of puffiness or staggered lymphatic drainage in the face. If those things are causing your mid-cheek line, then this technique will work for sure!

But if it's not puffiness or staggered lymphatic drainage causing your mid-cheek line, this massage might not be enough to do the trick—in which case I recommend trying some other long-term solutions.

2. Lower Eyelid Lift Up

Let's work on those muscles today.

You know, the last one was all about relaxation and improving lymphatic flow. But today we're going to focus on this muscle—the one that gets wrinkles on your face.

The reason why you get wrinkles is because of two things: your eyes are drooping (they're actually sagging), and your forehead is being pulled up by a muscle that's overactive.

So we want to wake up this muscle because it's asleep or it's not functioning properly. So we're going to try lifting up your lower eyelid with a finger below the eye—not just any finger though! Try using one of these fingers below the eye, which is a tiny bit saggy because we don't want it to be too tight when we lift up the upper eyelid (that would be too much).

3. Cheek Squat

The next exercise is called "signature chicks."

If you've never heard of this one before, don't worry—we'll walk you through it!

Basically, what we're doing is lifting up our cheek muscles with cheek muscles. We're not using our neck muscles or anything like that; we're just using our cheeks to lift up the eye muscles and make them look more lifted and youthful.

So, go ahead and do a few squats and then when you're done with those squats, put your upper teeth on top of your bottom lip as much as possible. Then inside your mouth (with a mirror if possible), press down with your tongue as much as possible, while lifting up your palate with your cheek muscles as much as possible. Make sure to use only cheek muscle and not neck muscle. You can cheat if necessary because we all have different abilities at different ages, but for best results, try not to use neck muscle at all!

We've been doing a lot of exercises today, so I wanted to make sure we have a chance to review them all. The first one was massage. You can use your knuckles or lower arm like this, or like this. I like hookah best. Then you can also put your arm on your table and look down at it, which might be more effective for you. This is my favorite hookah!

The second one is relaxation: Lower eyelids lift up 10 times slowly. Exercise number two is all the characters—so can I lower eyelid lift up? Because it's classic, we've been doing a lot of this one too! So what I wanted to give you was some variation by pressing the fingers and pressing down, then doing the same thing but without seeing it move because it's very tiny—and that's okay! It's a tiny muscle if you do big movements; otherwise, you'll just call the wrinkles and use other muscles instead of this tiny muscle here. So tiny movement is better as long as you feel it—it's fine!

Exercise number three is classic chicks and leaves: Pressing eighth place on top of the bottom life than inside the mouth (with tongue).
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