Eliminate Side Lines On The Cheeks When We Smile | Smile Beautifully Instead Of Pulling To The Sides

Eliminate Side Lines On The Cheeks When We Smile | Smile Beautifully Instead Of Pulling To The Sides

Imagine that nose is down when you smile no this a little bit more out.

Hi everyone today I'm going to talk about how to smile or laugh by using the right muscle prickly and by relaxing the wrong muscles and especially this is great for if you are concerned about when you smile more like line like this line lines here if you're concerned about that please keep watching.

First let me explain what bad smiling and what good smiling so that's my name is like a e showing more lower teeth which means you're pulling to this side e and dong mm-hmm if you follow me you know the importance of not losing this lower area right if you don't know please take other videos but in smiling good eat to the side and then you close wrinkle wrinkle that's one thing and also if you smile like a causing wrinkle wrinkle wrinkle tension is here of course you're gonna get lots of wrinkles around the eyes and nose area that this eyebrow area as well so that's a bad smile so good smile is forget about that shimmy imagine that your chin or lower area do not exist and then when you lift up try to lift up here upper ,upper and outer cheek muscle yeah this area so when I was doing I actually took a class in class with my instructor my master one of the Masters and she told me that um we did like what a one-hour just for smiling because my smiling it's not good enough yet anyway I was smiling right up like that up from here like a throw McHugh that was too much if you think about this is very very kind of very specific knowledge you might not necessarily want to know about this detail but the thing is if you try to smile like from here which I was yeah used to like it you're still using this area muscle you don't want to use here you want to use more like here so let's use a finger what's your face I mean that finger then this is the one you want to lift up not this one but this only like upper then forget about the chain and then spine don't show the lower upper kids yet because this is a practice five times.

I'm super acting though so and then this time slowly show the upper tip but forget about the chin, not like no wrinkle no wrinkle mm-hmm and then without the finger let's do it again probably you know the method you might not a big difference but I'm really focusing here and I'm really focused not focusing here not thinking about here I'm thinking like this part is like that doesn't exist I'm just looking up I'm just really trying to lift up from here and another interesting thing that I learned is so when I smile from her ethos could be down this is the story that I was talking about in my previous video so if you haven't watched the previous video please do because it's related especially if you're concerned about the nostril to become bigger when you smile which means you this muscle is like up like this up yeah you don't want that so basically just imagine that you're you're smiling only from here and forget about this and then at the same time nose is dumb.

Imagine that nose is down when you smile so let's use the finger just for the imagination peppers I'm put inside this finger in here to bring it down but this one's outer cheek area is up right so like down but this is up it's kind of strange but this is the right right mouth muscle movement so put your finger together and then smile when you smile of course you got Mountain dips on up but this one is down so let's do five times slowly if you do too fast you don't see the move you don't really understand the movement so this way my I'm still learning I'm gonna keep you guys updated but anyway the point is you smile from here and nose is down this way you're not gonna smell like this so you will reduce or prevent this unnecessary lines also I learned something very veryinteresting so you might know or maybe not so probably not but I have a problem with this my this muscle is so strong and when I talk not when I must smile but when I talk it's always is only this one not this one that this one this side is only right side is down down down.

I was concerned about this like yes since I noticed and then I since then I'm trying to really show the upper kids all the time super being conscious about it especially I'm taking voice training class now but anyway the I learned that the reason why this is dum dum dum know is this muscle is strong right but this is connected to here and alder here neck and shoulder so what I should do is it's hard like this like this and then stretch stretch I'm trying to insert this area especially this one this one because all the body and face is connected so stretch like this which is hard for me and then stretch but if I do is just stretch I feel more here a la moda here outer but one inside so I'm going to like um what's so it like more like not this a little bit more up then I feel here whatever you feel the position the best is fine but I'm trying to relax here so I have to change a little bit not this it's a little bit up up then 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 so interestingly this one is hurt but this one is easy for me actually this one is easy no wonder my body muscles are asymmetrical so of course are you gonna get the asymmetrical face and another thing you can do if you're super concerned about it.

You can do the back or massage imagine that you have a dimple you might have it I don't have it but put the thumb on top of dimple area and dongwon go no regulars cause you don't a stretch the skin so cross your mouth even though you cannot close it and then even though this thumb is a little bit movie I'm trying to hold it the inside here is only like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 the others I want 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 so move on the inside without moving outside outside is just holding it that's lucky and also I see sometimes people do you are not in dentist you're not in dental clinic I'm the CEO and antipyretic you don't wanna stretch the area so you kind of try to close your mouth and go and then do the concerning area so my my problem is if you have more line when you smile or it's always like this or some this area is more tense so you do this and earth if you're interested lab exercises this is my website Papa fascia mother come to Freedom Hall this yoga paper in the book in sugar oil in a piece of their balls well thank you so much see you in the next video be
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