Eliminate Vertical Lines On The Neck That Show Age | 3 Bad Habits You Might Be Doing Every Day

Eliminate Vertical Lines On The Neck That Show Age | 3 Bad Habits You Might Be Doing Every Day

You are doing mi micro, this thing 20,000 day, of course, you gonna get lines. I'm speaking like this and then using so much muscle here.

Hi Everyone, Today, I'm going to talk about how to reduce vertical line on the neck. I think there are two kinds of lines on the neck, one is horizontal one which comes from bad posture. And the other one, harder one to fix is vertical one, especially for more skinnier people. And this definitely shows age, I'll be explaining three things you should be doing or should not be doing. But before that, let me tell you um massage the neck or applying cream is not gonna be that effective to reduce the vertical line, because this is coming from muscle tension. First of all, if the skin is dry, you add some moisturizing cream, which is good for moisturizing, moisturizing the skin.But this is not really dry. This skin is the line comes from muscle tension. They wanna massage, massage is good, but just massaging the neck is not gonna be that effective because this line is coming from other body tension. So entire massage, the body, including the neck is good, but not, but not just massaging the neck.

Tip number one, stop doing neck breathing or chest breathing. So you guys know stomach breathing and chest breathing. The difference between them? If you don't know the difference, you might be doing chest breathing, which is like, your shoulders up, down, up, down, up down every time you breathe, and think about that. How many, how many times you breathing per day? 20,000 per day. Or if you have a shallow, um, poorer breathing habit, you might be doing more than 20,000, 23,000, or even more. And then think about this. If you're doing this 20,000 day per day. And then of course the muscle here, this neck, the shoulder back, it's gonna be really, really, really stiff. And then, that caused a lot of tension that leads to the vertical line on that neck. I'm gonna exaggerate, but like this, you are doing mi micro this thing 20,000 day, of course, you gonna get lines. So ab breathing, belly breathing, stomach, breathing, diaphragm breathing. There's so many ways to do it, but I think it's the same thing. Those are very, very important. Don't do the chest one in general. Let me just quickly summary, when you breathe in the diaphragm is down.If you're doing this ab breathing 20,000 times per day, you're doing the ab training. It's called AKA natural corset. So it's good for a smaller waistline as well.

Tip number two, throat speaking. I mean, don't do throat speaking. So if you haven't watched my other video, how to speak, please do so, because it's important. But anyway, when you're speaking, if your using this throat area [inaudible] I'm speaking like this and I'm using so much muscle here and a lot of tension, and of course, you gonna get a lot of I mean tension that creates the lines. So when you speak it, you have a tension in the ab because you're using the diaphragm. And also you're speaking, you are resonating the sound in the nasal cavity, not the throat. One interesting thing that I've been doing is when I watched TV or when I, when I watched some social media or something, I check the person's nose.If the person's no, not, not nose I'm sorry. Not nose, but neck, check their not, not, not nose. Check their neck. If the neck is like ah, [inaudible] talking, talking, talking so much moving, going on here, that's not a good example. So when you're talking neck should not be moving so much.

Tip number three, try to relax the masseter muscle that cause TMJ pain and jaw, jaw muscle pain. This is so stiff. And when that happened, if you're grinding habit, or if you have that TCH teeth contact habit, when your face is when your face is resting upper teeth and lower teeth are touching, which is called TCH, if those are happening to you, you have a lot of tension here. That cause is, is distributed really close to the neck. So that worsens the neckline. If you haven't watched my TCH video, please do so because it's super important. And it's not much commonly known outside of Japan or maybe in, including in Japan yet. So those are three tips that you should not be doing. One was don't do chest breathe. Yup! 20,000 per day, of course, you're gonna get tension. Number two is speaking, speaks from the nose throat like this, and it's gonna cause a lot of, lots of tension. The more tension you have in the neck, the more lines shows up. Number three was TCH. Don't do TCH when your faces is resting, little bit tiny gap between upper teeth and lower teeth all the time.

As always check my website kokofaceyoga.com to free download this yoga paper app is available. My sugar oil available, book is available. just check my website. And also if you have any questions, I cannot answer everything. I mean, I cannot answer the comments, but I read every single them and really appreciate it because I learn from you guys. And if you want, want to be answered, please ask me at the AI Koko so that the robot can answer it. If the robot cannot answer, I will answer. Thank you so much see on the next video bye!
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