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Every Time You Eat, Drink, Speak, Even Yawn, Move (Lift Up) Your ? To Build Muscles And Lift Up

Hi Everyone! Today I'm going to talk about one specific muscle in the face that used to be using you should be moving more lifting up more every time you do some things. The answer is cheeks. Cheeks are in general sleeping muscle and when the cheek bones are not the bone but the muscles around the cheek bone stuff kind of a like saggy and less we call it unfortunately cheekbone melt down. Unfortunately that happens to everyone and I think I believe I believe cheeks are kind of one of the things that that are overlooked by so many people. People are more concerned about like tiny wrinkles, wrinkles or asymmetrical face so those are very very tiny for me. Big area like cheeks give more impression to make you look young or older or depends on your cheeks, you are higher and a fuller cheeks and there are some great exercise like cheek squat that I do every day but if you're interested in that those are in other videos or so please check that cheek left up exercise on my YouTube channel but today I'm gonna talk about the importance of moving the cheeks lifting up the cheeks every time you do some actions.

Number one every time you speak, every time you talk move your hips and imagine that is them talking instead talking instead of talking like this and only using this muscle move more here every time you talk so if you're interested in more I did aeiaou in our exercises in other videos so check it there but basically the simple idea is an every time you talk move up your so imagine this is your mouth, forget about this but imagine that you're talking you are moving you're using this as a month cheeks as a mouth and then you should feel fatigued every time you talk like right now I'm really trying to show my upper teeth and try to move this muscle every time I do kind of a public trade public speaking or anything something like that so every time I do that and after that I get tired I feel fatigued here which means you're using this muscle so you talk with it. Doesn't have any public training public speaking but every time you talk with someone you should feel fatigued in here not here but here.

Number two, every time you eat something shoe with the chicks instead of mouth if you eat something with the mouth bad example if I exaggerated like the muscle this is really trying to pull in to the side or and use only here the answer to with the cheeks I mean I'm exaggerating this is a weird face but when I do this training by myself I do this mmmm… and in public I may be a little bit less than not mmmm…. that's too much too weird but if you're by yourself because you're under quarantine maybe you can try it so imagine every time you do this exercise you are training you're waking up the sleeping muscle to lift up the skin how crazy how cool is that.

Number three, drinking so when you drink if you drinking like ahhh… to show in your wrinkles you are causing tension in the chin and you are using more lower chin, lower face muscle which you should not be really using this should be relaxed because you want to activate here cheeks so when you drink something you still just regular drinking like a drinker it a little bit tiny smile but this one it's a tip if you have a lot if you want to drink a lot of water if you do this you're gonna spill the water so be careful this technique needs a little bit of practice but you it's easy once you can use this just move it try to activate this muscle and of course when you swallow tongue is up really sucking up used to feel the motion to tone the neck and lift up the face.

Number four every time you yawn, instead of be yawning up like this and using a lot of tension tension, so the answer when you will yawn this is so weird but I started smiling like I studied yawning like… and I feel this cheek muscle when I young imagine how many times do you yawn, I don't know how many times I do and then so every time you yawn, you're training you're waking up this cheek muscle in reducing this to muscle which is really important so think about that just incorporate those facial. Remember to be aware of the importance of them how to say using the facial muscles correctly for your daily facial activities which we call it the face posture the beauty face posture I think this is more important than face yoga exercises I mean exercises are really important to wake up in the sleepy… that kind of thing but it's a complimentary both are important but to be honest I really think using the facial muscles correctly or properly for facial daily activities way more important because facial exercise is only like three to five minutes per day in total in my method so yeah if you are doing bad face posture, bad face facial expressions, bad face everything and then you know you’re going to see results I really like you to say good result so please think about it.

Interesting other exercises interesting… interested in other tips and exercises check my website, free download this yoga paper, book and the sugar oil. See you in the next video! Bye!
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