Eye Breathing | The Best Method To Receive More Oxygen For Improving Focus And Overall Health

Eye Breathing | The Best Method To Receive More Oxygen For Improving Focus And Overall Health

If you breathe in here all the way. So you can use this empty nasal cavity space to receive more oxygen.[inaudible]

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about eye breathing. So what is eye breathing? I mean, we all know that nose breathing is good. And then if you're doing a no mouth breathing, please try to change. You know, the breathing because it's so important. And I did some video about them, like this massage thing, and this one to help you improve your nose breathing situation. Cause it's stuffy and then you can not nose breath. So if you haven't watched the video, please, do just search nose, breath, nose exercise video. But today I'm going to talk about eye breathing. Let me talk about the difference between nose breathing and eye breathing. So this is your face and this is a nasal cavity. This is Japanese. Um, an item that I got from Japan, Amazon, Amazon, Japan sent me like in three days only. So I was surprised anyway. So regular nose breathing is like in and out and out an eye, breathing is in and, out. So let's do together, nose breathing first to compare the, between two let's do nose breathing.

First, first inhale from the nose and out, one more. This is nose breathing. And then this time let's do eye breathing. So breathe from here. This is your eye here. So try to reach the eye and then out. So first exhale then. So the difference, I mean, you don't see the difference. Do you feel the difference? I, when I did this first time, like two years ago, Oh my gosh, this is a huge difference. I was surprised that I talked about this to my breathing expert friend, and she agreed that this better, because imagine this, so there's a nasal cavity, the big stuff is going on here. If you keep doing it here, it's only smaller. A shorter distance in the air is coming in and out in and out only this. But if you breathe in here, it's actually more like a here all the way, not just this all the way. So you can use this empty nasal cavity space to receive more oxygen by doing so you, uh, getting more oxygen. So you get more like, um, less fatigue, more focus, and reduce eye fatigue and the all that good stuff happens due to the more, the more amount of oxygen. If you still cannot feel the difference, let's do it again. So first inhale from the nose and nose out slowly. One more time. Okay. This time eye breathing closes your eyes. If you can, it might be better to imagine. Close your eye.

There's a difference, to me, it's a big difference. And if I, I have a hard time explaining this without showing this kind of illustration. And then when I, when I was teaching to my instructors, Kari, um, she told me she's in London. So if you want to know about her, check our link in the description, below she's the new instructor. So she, um, when I showed this one, she gave me the drawing and it's easier for people to understand. So I started using this so like this, not this, but in and out in and out, this is, I mean, it's, it's really important. First of all, nose breathing is so important for like so many reasons, like sleep apnea, those things. But if you do eye breathing, you get more benefit from nose breathing. So just for the different to differentiate from, from nose breathing and eye breathing, I call it, eye breathing, you're not really in, in inhale and exhale from the eye.

Not that I'm just talking about this nasal cavity story makes sense. And this is your eye. So try to reach in the eye area when you breathe in and out if you have a good habit to meditate every day, when you meditate, please try it. You might want to think about this eye breathing because that gets more oxygen. So you can focus. You can concentrate better. Also because of this COVID situation, everyone, lots of people are stressed. Um, and then eye gets so fatigued and this is great stress relief as well because you're getting more oxygen and helps reduce eye fatigue. It's really because it's really directly not directly, but like behind the eye, another credit that I have to give actually to this illustration my voice trainer. He told me he's the one who, um, kind of a really told me the importance of the nasal cavity thing story. So [inaudible] as always check my website this updated, face yoga paper free download, and the book and the sugar oil and app are available. And the AI Koko is available. You ask you can ask any question to the web on the website, it's on kokofaceyoga.com. And if we cannot answer, if the robot cannot answer, we will answer. So stay tuned, thank you so much.

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