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Face Yoga Mini Session | Double Chin, How To See Your Future/Original Face & Cute Zoombombing!

here Oh like a double channel yeah oh that is easy fix oh great yeah because compared to other facial muscles are tiny but but body area is bigger so you will see bigger difference like this for example this area is more like a half body area so yeah yeah the bigger muscle is easier to fix so this is easy fix okay good okay so let's do you know do you do any face exercise already um not too many I really actually just you know found you on YouTube like about a week or so ago it was like really really yeah wasn't that long ago and so I did like a couple of your videos and I not consistently but yeah I've done a couple of your video so oh that's great thank you so much cool so the basic thing is well we're gonna do some exercise today but um by the way I'm sorry this is my job so I have to tell you you just wrapped let that that's not a good exact same shots French expression habit do you know why why because you don't want to stretch this philtrum okay this philtrum area become longer with age the more you stretch the more become longer yeah this area is big area so you can stretch and it comes back and then it's a good thing but the facial those areas tiny so better not to stretch but this one is a bigger muscle same as body so you will training and stretch training stretch this is a key for elastic muscle so it's it's okay to stretch but because it comes back so before we do that exercise there's very very important thing about face posture do you know anything about face posture welcome let me introduce this because this is so important if you especially feel concern about this area because even if you do some exercise exercise can be 3 to 5 minutes per day in total so if you're doing bad face posture staggie back face posture you're not gonna see good result so let's talk about one very very important thing about tank posture so when you when your face is resting just relax relax your face and then close your mouth and then tell me where is your tongue the tongue can be touching the upper teeth I'm sorry up a chimp palate or in the middle or laying on the bottom mine's at the top that's good that's good ok my before I learned about this mine was laying on the bottom so that's worst because if you're late if the time is laying down you bring down down always so you get more nice lady align my saggy jaw [Music] the answer is the tongue should be hot Ginga to the palate but not there's there's more than that so this is aperitif and this is a tongue then this is a throat so Tonga should be not this but this difference is like there's a gap between tongue and the palate or setting up if it's second up you are lifting up the heavy skull and this time it's a big long muscle which is connected to neck area so that time if the time is sucking up you should feel a little bit calm Tony so if the tongue is sucking up always you are toning your neck all the time which is good really good for preventing or reducing so the example is [Music] example which is yeah so that is your default face all the time [Laughter] now because of current in everything online and I'm taking like walking lesson or voice training face your monsters I'm doing everything online yeah she's a really good she's a she's the one who told me about the importance of body posture but we are talking about the face for sure anyway so if this tongue is sucking up you really feel the toned neck always the imagine that you are doing this tone toning like what like 23 hours per day okay then you are really doing that unconsciously you are doing the neck toning the exercise yeah so this this is very very important more than exercise yeah okay so yeah let's do the exercise first relax your body and like this and relax your body and spine straight shoulder dumb head is on your but not like this or this head is on your but this is what I learned from my instructor Kimiko she went when when I when I walk I was like this so she told me head is on my butt or heel but because we as we are sitting right now so imagine the head is on your back and then relax then so let's do this use your finger like this and then shoulder down so let me show you how first [Music] unless you have neck pain hold on one second I'm readjusting my computer because I moved so actually when you're doing it you do not have to make noise we but but I think it's fun to make noise because so funny so let's make noise today oh my gosh you have a beautiful kimono thank you oh wow did you did you buy it yeah my cousin got that for me for my birthday this year oh this yeah that's new yeah yeah stunning wow that's great yeah I have a kimono - yeah it's so hard so hard to wear it yeah but I actually wrapping the kimono to put away is harder than wearing wearing it a little bit it's it's hard it takes like one hour it's hard but after wear it wear it in the wrapping folding oh that takes like really I everytime I fold my kimono I have to watch YouTube to learn how to do it yeah folding is how to fold that's that's harder than wearing yeah it's very very special anyway so you don't have to make noise like me when you do buy it by yourself but it's good to make noise because this is more fun so let's make some noise okay so let's relax fine stray shoulder dumbheads is on your butt and then unless you have no neck pain from sleeping okay and their shoulder down you don't want to do like this and then you're gonna stretch so shoulder Dom then slowly ah and then stick on your tongue to the ceiling this is very very good for here and then I have so many people show me before after if you are concerned you I can take a picture right now like that maybe Luke 45-degree okay and I will take a screenshot of yours well I can send it to you right now how do I do this okay three two Wow okay thank you please come back yeah so just once a day what twice a day or three times a day depending on how how much you how concerning Li you are but at least once a day ten seconds okay mm-hm and this is a great exercise that you can do every time you go to restroom every time you sit down on a chair or table or desk or something mm-hm even it you can do when you're standing but it's a little bit hard morning there's a warning I don't think you have a bad habit to cause wrinkle on forehead no but I don't think so yeah but that's very rare yeah I don't fix a but you could sometimes you can use your phone the selfie or mirror and make sure that you are not closing wrinkle oh okay or if you if you have to cause wrinkle just close your eyes a little bit ah not a little bit close your eyes so that you don't call you don't have to cause wrinkles and there's another um yeah do you have a phone yes I do can we get on to do some interesting projects er sighs yes can you give me one second yes yeah of course yeah thanks so much you okay back great thank you so um let's check our future face in the original face by using our home okay actually I should have done this before the exercise so pretend that we are doing before that sorry so first let's check our face right front face and the future face in the original face three faces so let's use our phone and make it selfie okay and then just relax and then three two one no smiling just regular face just regular face and then let's bring the phone down on your lap okay and then look down then take a picture of three - how do you look I have a double chin yeah yeah sagging sagging is a big part of things that you to make you look older so yes yeah so that but that can be your future face if you don't do anything oh yeah how scary so now after we get depressed we want to be positive so let's bring up the phone and then look oh and then take a picture three two one and come back how do you yeah so the idea of face yoga exercise - sleeping muscle this is a super sleeping muscle so we wanna lift up to bring back do go back to the original face which is this face yes yeah and then pretend that we are gonna do exercise so so let's do let's talk about some very very important time posture and exercise okay yeah then we do the exercise so so that's a wrap and then let's let's wrap okay so Brittany are you gonna do this exercise at least yesterday when do is I gonna do it when do you think tell me I am going to do it every time I go to the bathroom actually like I told Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Khloe she promised me to do that this exercise every time she got the restroom - so you're saying your same [Laughter] the reason why I asked you when is that if you decide when it's easier to continue if I just say just once a day or twice a day it's what people forget I forget to so every time you go to yeah it doesn't have to be every time because we go to restroom maybe seven times or eight times per day but um at least at least one day one per day and I hope to see you there um to see you again in a couple of weeks or month maybe you a case please try at least four weeks or one month to see results this one is a you can you will see results more quickly than other areas because this is bigger muscle let's say hmm my my but it's a little bit bigger but my body is small originally but even if I it's just a little bit bigger but people don't notice because my body is bigger but in face something changes in the face people notice the difference because face frame campus is small this is one of them very easy fix so please please please try it I will definitely yeah okay so what's the day every time you go to write not every time but yeah when you when you go to restroom yes okay thank you so much so this video is the one theme per video so we just did this but if you want to do more please apply again okay thank you so much thank you thank you [Music]
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