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Face Yoga Mini Session | Fix Asymmetrical Lip/Mouth Movement While Talking | Reduce Chin Tension

Let's start! I'm stressed about, I'm excited to meet you so you're near it yes in Toronto Canada yeah cool do you do any face exercise yes further three months already like every day 20 minutes in the morning and evening, oh good! Wow! I think you do more than me yeah I mean yes so what's a concern okay so when I talk my leads kind of going through that right even in pictures when I take a picture when it's like natural position it's like hmm like that and when I open my mouth as well it's like 10 times yeah but what weird is when I curl my lips left is so much lower so well do you think you're like it right even right now are you crossing your legs yes don't okay that's one of the that's one of the thing there are lots of people do and it's so hard to stop it but if you become aware of it it's it's you can make it have it not to cross the legs that's one of the things to make your body fine like what's the word yeah and yeah that's one thing what about sleeping posture so I used to sleep on my life always now are me about my back okay good how did you make it how are you it'z like every month am at least one day wine.

I can't see the skin I can't find myself on sleeping on this side anymore cause I'm scared oh but that's good right yeah so yeah looking like this yes oh that's good so tell me um how because this is for you too how how do you how did you make that happen how did you make it habit to sleep on the back because it's hard it was very hard for me but I think I put it in my brain so I used to start to sleep on my back and then when I move right away I will just we'll get up and fix myself yeah but when you're sleeping you cannot fix yourself um somehow when I when I'm going to the side I'm waking up oh my gosh really yeah and I check out even my husband told me like a few times that got up to ask them out I sleep so on my back so what's good and and I didn't think that I did it's like just to really really focus on their breathing and don't think about anything else just breathing breathing breathing in and work it took time but it work how long did it take did it take I would say two months since I was a kid already on my side like my comfort I need to me too me too it's so hard it's summer that took me like a couple years for me Wow sometimes this sometimes I feel sometimes this is more comfortable and then I I fix it fooling myself yeah because the we we were born where we are feed us in the mother's mother's stomach it was like this not like this thank you for I'm sure lots of people appreciate this tip because so many people having trouble but you're already sleeping on this check so that's good.

There's some there's some checklist for a symmetrical face okay let's do one by one another one thing is that you're still not you're still not crossing right you're not crossing legs what about chewing okay so before that always on my right side now I'm even you know okay okay okay again it's like just it's actually I watch your video of course so order to talk about the chewing because chewing it really affects the fish lower face asymmetry so when you eat chewing how do you do it I say that distribute to the both side the same amount and then not just that this is a bad example I find it very hard yeah try not now because I see that you have a tension in the chin always especially myself included but we both have attention to this much to me this muscle this muscle is hard yeah and right now even right now even right now you're having tension in the gym in order to reduce the tension in the gym if you have tension in the teen you did you pull down so of course you're gonna show a lot is when you talk even though in order to reduce the tension you need to have a tension in here from the bottom up you know that to do that even right now you're having tension so when when you eat when you eat something I want to develop a more muscle here not this one that's why I'm talking about that eating so when you eat something do you have something to eat like something small nuts or chocolate or something small I can find something yes yeah mm-hmm thank you thank you okay.

I got Napster okay right what's that rice cake oh I cannot hear you if somehow hello I know you came here ah yes but my sorry my my you know my pot is not working all connected ha sorry hello yes oh no here let me okay so um what what why do you hug what are you eating a rice cake anyway something small like like that that's great and let's let's eat something and then because this is a training and yeah this way we really train this muscle this is a sleeping muscle this is overarching muscle I was sure the image we use for certification for two kinds of muscles sleeping muscles and overworking muscle this red one is overworking it's always putting down down down you you have a lot of developed down down this gym muscle is overworking even now so I think you chewing really was a lifting up chewing system was really good game changer for me two years ago okay I'm it's like I have kind of a chubby cheeks is good to work with their cheeks elect I like chubby cheeks though because the floral hired cheeks you have everything is like it's like magic if you have a good one business labor line is reduced Joe is gonna be lifted so it's not gonna be gone and no more chin tension so you're not gonna show though I did when you talk everything everything is gonna be fixed like magic .

I like it so when you eat something please be aware of this so in in public you don't have to do that's too much and I used to do it and the people made fun of me you don't have to do that much but just a little bit just don't try not them yeah another thing I think for your room for improvement is resting face even now you're right your face is resting and you have a tension in the gym do you have a TMJ pain no no pain back when I open my mouth I hate your click no oh yeah try not try not to move a chin chin should not be moving as little as possible even when you're talking um I'm taking voice training because now on Zoom anything specialize in attractive face face structure he's he believes if you have good voice you gotta have a good face structure as well then the most important thing about his method is do not move your chin when you're totally like it feels like I can't control it so let's let's do something use your finger then like hold it could be could be like this and then hold it try not to show our tears when you talk okay oh and then it's like a little bit if I'm just I'm gonna show how it is like this so good so it's almost like chapter it's more like pushing up no arch in and hold it in the freezer very special motif and then let's talk and ever before so when I did the voice training it was I forgot the details .

I'm not going to in English I think you say in Japanese we say in English you say AI what's that AI oh are you ai ai ai ai oh you I don't know let's let me do it in Japanese because I'm in Japanese [Music] let's do this [Music] don't show me lower teeth [Music]even when you do show me loyalties so if I did without finger a is easier so he said that even if the mouth is not moving so much like mumbling it's okay because we try to produce the voice from eyes not from mouth forget about mouth because if you if you have to say till muscle too much too much too much no no no that's a traditional bad exact traditionally taught bad method the Japanese have been learning because when we say I used to learn that way at school when we when we sing something they teachers tell us oh you have to say oh and a big ma use your mouth bigger that the traditional traditionally told method about that that's wrong the new method is do not move image in as little as possible okay so that's that's one thing you could do so like to think about eyes basically yeah like a trying to speak from the eyes even forehead I talk to opera opera singer and I told this method the thing and she said oh she she tried to sing from forehead forget about the mother or speak from with the forehead she said Wow okay yeah she's a professional opera singer so yeah I mean we don't have to sing opera so maybe when you talk think about it this you know you could even try and use this and a little bit up and then read something like I'm just reading something do new to working from home here are some tips to here are some tips to help you meet like a pro just advertising to do in front of mirror to make sure that make sure that upper up no elite lower teeth are not showing and also you your right side your right side this one must be actually this muscle is strong oh wait that's yeah that's why it's always like this this one is strong so you you might want to do some massage yeah this one so you wanna massage it could be even here because it started it's connected so here just back and forth back and forth yeah could be like a circular motion this one is a little bit hard to do circular motion but this is back on the follows up down up down up done like a side in a circular motion reverse how long you need to do it for like to get any results to release it.

It's better to do little by little throughout there in total and three minutes per day three to five minutes per day but it's better to do rather than five minutes in the morning rather than that better to do like 2 seconds 3 p.m. 10 seconds 4 p.m. a little by little ok just continuously because every time you talk every time you eat it or something this overworking is overworking so need to reset every yeah every time you wash your hands and if you can mmm just relax that's another tip yeah yeah perfect mmm but really when your face is resting do you know anything about face posture your tongue is another thing but your case because you have a tension in that chin try to lift up the corners of the mouth just a little bit higher so that you reduce the tension from move the tension from bottom up just a little bit like this no you still have attention this this I cannot fix right now no it's not it's not quick fix no I know so I keep it a bit higher like it higher higher and try to have a tension in the cheek area and so when I talk when I eat always use chin yeah okay perfect okay good okay so I hope you will continue and when you eat lunch today please think about this cheeks in front of the mirror with the cheeks yeah thank you - bye
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