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Face Yogi's Night Routine | 10 Steps Before Falling Asleep From Cleansing To Facial Meditation

Like this. So you can use clean tissue. Reprogram the face Muscles. My brain remembers to close it.


Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to do my latest night routine. The first step at night is I try, I don't always do this, but I tried to go to bed by9:00 PM, which is so horrible because my recent addiction is Tik Tok and it's so hard to not to be exposed to blue light but, I try to avoid it, I try to relax more. So if I have a goal to go to bed at 9:00 PM, it kind of forces me to yeah. Get things done earlier. I mean, I don't necessarily successful, but I try to go to bed at 9:00 PM. Next, cleanse my face. So a little bit some push and then I try not to cause any friction. So don't do like this rubbing thing is not good. So don't do that. Instead, get the facewash then just gentlyWash.I do this like, uh, I think 15 of 20, 20 splash.And then my favorite one is this one tissue. So I don't use a towel. I use a tissue to cleanse, not cleanse dry the face like this, like this. So you can use clean tissue every time you dry. Then I use sugar oil, one, two, three pumps, or something like that. And the first thing is a hand because the hand needs moisturizing too, and then just gently apply all over the face. And sometimes I do like this bulldog, anti-bulldog exercise, like this, and sometimes I make O you have to, when you do this stretching motion, you want to do only one second or two seconds maximum. You don't want to do too long because you don't want to stretch the philtrum here. So be careful about that, but it's good to stretch the eye area. Cause you wanna, you wanna stretch the skin when you apply the body lotion or face cream so that it penetrates deeper, right?So you want to stretch it. Um, but just one second, or two seconds maximum. And then, um, I like doing this shiatsu massage when I teach, I, I say like this and then one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, but I'm so used to it and it's so fast. So I don't cause wrinkles. So I just like this quick one. Um, then sometimes I do, uh, eye what's the word uh crow's feet one, two, three, four, five one two, three, four, five. And depending on your condition, you might do more others like other massage or shiatsu or some things.

But for now, as of now, I do just that. And then I have a, I actually don't like over-moisturizing because over-moisturizing, AKA, we call it facial obesity, face obesity. So, um, the skin will be staying. So when the skin has too much moisturizing thing going on the skin misunderstands that it has good moisture.So it does not produce enough moisture and oils. So that's not good. So I like, um, I think minimum amount and then tissue off again, just, just simply a gently just a little bit off so that it's not over moisturizing so that the skins still grow enough moisture and oils. Then come to bed. And in fact, I actually sleep naked. I don't wear anything because this has been in my, my habit of the past. Uh, I don't know, 10, 15 years, long time, maybe 10 years long time. I just don't like something tight on my skin. I don't, I feel more comfortable when I'm not wearing anything. So if it's not too freezing outside, I will not, I don't wear anything and just sleep here. And then of course, um, you want to drink something before you falling sleep because you don't want to be dehydrated.So if you don't have good enough urine, when you wake up and go to the restroom, and if you don't have enough, that that means you, you didn't drink enough. So please careful. And then my pillow, you guys know my pillow. I it's a back sleeping support pillow that I always talk about. And when I, yeah, my head, my thing, not finger, my hair is if it's like this, it's kind of easy to do the side sleeping. Cause there are some objects in my hair. So I intentionally put it up like this so that, um, it's like this, my hair is here. So its easier to do back sleeping. And then I wear tape. I don't do every day because the more I do it, it's easier for me to close my mouth.

So this is for mouth closure to close my mouth when I'm sleeping. I use, I used to use more longer like this and then all over here. But now I use only maybe this amount very, very tiny. And then instead of a horizontal, I do like this.So that's, that's my mouth closure habit. It helps to reprogram the face muscles. My brain remembers to close it. So sometimes I forgot to wear this or I am too tired to do this and I don't do it, but it's closed. So that it's recommended. Um, what else? Another thing could be, um, face meditation. I recently did the face meditation video. So if you haven't checked out, please do it cause its really good to relax the facial muscle. The red one overworking muscle needs to be relaxed when you sleep. Otherwise, you might have lots of tension and when you're sleeping and it's impossible to, to reduce tension in-intentionally reduce tension when you're sleeping, because you're unconscious, but you can consciously reduce tension right before you sleep, which is very important. So, um, that's highly recommended. And yeah, some of my, some of my clients, they add some tape on that.I think one and one. So like a crossing two, I think. And they said it really works to reduce the tension because for uhm when, when there's the face, uh, the finger or something has touched on the skin, somehow it relaxes the facial muscles, or sometimes it wakes up the sleeping muscle, but this is overworking muscle. Usually, it's overworking in, in, in. So by touching it, it kind of, um, realize that, Oh, I should be relaxed. And then it, yeah, it helps to relax the muscles here. So I think that's it. But as you can see, I don't do much exercise at night for the face at night. Not I don't do that because I believe you, we should do some exercises a little by little throughout a day.

Instead of everything at once, that will be doing a little by little slice up is more effective because we wanna reset our face.We wanna lift up our face against gravity. We wanna reset from a bad facial posture bad facial expression those kinds of things. That's why it's better to do little by little throughout the day. So when I do something, when I do skincare, but otherwise I don't do them so much. As always, if you want to know other exercises, face yoga exercise, please visit my website to free download the yoga paper. And the app is available. AI Koko is available for education. If you cannot, if the robot can not answer, I will answer. So please try it because we're trying to more, add more questions and answer.And what else the app is, the app has some new updates. So every timeyou show lower teeth, it's going to catch you. It's going to show an alert, it's a more accurate function, which we are proud of. So please try that.It's free, free to download and you can try this lower eyelid no, lower teeth function there. Um, what else prime is available there? Prime Video, Face Yoga 101.And I think that's it.If this becomes popular I will try the morning routine, but we'll see. Thank you so much see you in the next video. Bye.And goodnight.
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