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Facial Osteoporosis Part 2 | 7 Aging Symptons Due To Facial Osteoporosis And How To Prevent Them

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to do another facial osteoporosis. In my previous video I did basic things about facial osteoporosis, 3 aging symptoms due to face osteoporosis, how to fix them I mean how to prevent or slow down the process so if you haven't checked the video yet please do but today is gonna be more additional information which I think it's very interesting so please stay tuned.

Number one, facial bones shrink and start sagging as I told you in my previous one so the same thing happens to this scalp area head top of the head area so when that happens this shrinks and then the left over scalp the skin and the muscle is left over because the this part becomes smaller and then become loose the scalp become loose when that happens this is like a foundation, foundation of your, this is skull there's a sculpt and the forehead the eyebrows i everything is stirred from here right so when this part is not elastic enough it's not strong enough sagging and then everything everything starts sagging.

Number two, eye socket hole, so this one I talked about in talked about this in my previous mas I'm not gonna do over but it's gonna be bigger and saggy so you get more hollow on upper and lower eyelid.

Number three, cheek bones start saggy and a little bit about so that's one of the things I talked about in my previous video but also become more flat so it's like there's a bump here it's out this becoming flat aka cheekbone melt down.

Number four, forehead become more flat as well I I think I need some more flour round for head but now it's more flat maybe because of that also a lot of bumpy thing is happening that's not facial that's not fun that's more muscle tension which we can treat yeah but in general face this area becomes shrink and more flat unfortunately.

Number 5, temples this area I was wondering why this part becomes so skinny when I was younger and I learned that it's because of this area become temple area becomes less I mean the shrink get inside.

Number six, nose bone this bone become more flat and saggy and the worst thing is the tip of the nose nose starts sagging like like this and more here which then because it's flat the nostril become bigger.

Last one number seven, this jawline jawline this one and this one become less so the skin and muscle and fat is left over from the from the shrinked position here so that's left over skin stop sagging because there's no way to go.

Another interesting thing is that the facial osteoporosis happens earlier aids done by a bone austere process so bone osteoporosis is like one of the common osteoporosis symptoms when you walk you have a back pain or something like that or trip or fall more easily but that happens like 60s or late 50 or in 60s in general but facial osteoporosis especially the lower one happens even like late 30s or 40s or something like that it's very earlier than earlier than back of osteoporosis so the faster the odd are you aware of these things and start doing some prevention the better but that doesn't mean that it's too late for you if you are 60s but bone I mean the muscle changes any any age so you do not give up.

In my previous video I talked about three tips to prevent the three symptoms but let's talk about something in general three things.

One I think it's very very important to prevent facial osteoporosis is body exercise especially when I learned that when body I mean the bones get stimulates stimulated by doing like like this or so on running or the more stimulation to the bone the better and we are talking about face but the calf stimulation you receive in the body is in body bones is distribute to the face because everything is connected so do not this do not dis prioritize I mean what's the word you do not think body exercise is not important it's very very important for your face too so when I go to gym I see lots of fit people in in general if you're very fit and physically healthy and fit and strong your face is healthy as well because everything is connected that I think they really make sense.

Another thing is vitamin D so as you may know or you may not know I'm not a big fan of outdoor activities because I don't want to have sun damage to the skin so you don't have to have some I mean the vitamin D is produced when you go outside in the receive Sun right so but you don't have to produce vitamin D from the face on the face by receiving sunlight to the face you can receive on other areas for example, arms like this so this has no melanin this has melanin this has melanin this has melanin but this area and here and this area does not have melanie so you can expose this outside but it's hard to do exposed to here so I would I mean when I walk sometimes instead of walking like this walk like this to receive some and hide the melanin area or instead of walking like this like this so you hide this area I don't know if it's called fur back on that hand or front of the hand but in you you hide it and you receive the Sun here so it's said that you don't need a lot of Sun hours per day I mean it's a little bit controversial but I don't think you need to be outside a lot of hours and to receive vitamin D because you can get it from various sources like diet so another thing diet is also important but I'm not nutritionist I'm not too specialized I'm not gonna go over but I try to eat more protein and yeah I'm one of my favorite Japanese protein is natto beans which I purchased five of them today so I'm very very happy you don't have to eat natto but any I think protein is fine.

If you're interested in other exercises on face tips please visit my website Koko face to free download this yoga paper and the book and the sugar oil it's a very boss well in app is available face yoga app is available on App Store and Google Play for Android and recently we launched this content on fire TV Amazon fire TV as well very excited so please check it out and if you could be good 5 stars that would be really really really appreciated! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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