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Face yoga, a scientifically backed practice championed by Kim Kardashian's instructor, sparks debate and shock during groundbreaking AGT appearance

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 19, 2023— Koko Face Yoga, an industry trailblazer in face yoga, sparked debate and surprise on America's Got Talent (AGT) on July 18 2023. Koko Hayashi, known for teaching face yoga to Kim Kardashian, challenged perceptions on the popular talent show, showcasing the power of face yoga despite initial skepticism from judges Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel.

Koko Face Yoga performance on America's Got Talent, showcasing a natural method for a youthful appearance, with a banner questioning 'Science or Nonsense?

Koko made television history as the first face yoga act on AGT. Undeterred by the judges' skepticism, Koko demonstrated the unique face yoga techniques that have won over more than 100 million followers on social media.

Koko Hayashi performing her face yoga routine during her audition on America's Got Talent, demonstrating anti-aging exercises to the judges.

In the face of skepticism, Koko stands firm on its scientifically backed practices. She often collaborates with medical doctors to study her methods, focusing on activating "sleeping" muscles and reducing the work of "overworking" muscles.

These natural, non-invasive alternatives aim to provide skin lifting and wrinkle reduction benefits. A study from Northwestern University in 2018 has provided scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of face exercises in improving appearance, further bolstering Koko's approach.

Koko Hayashi presenting her face yoga techniques on the America's Got Talent stage, engaging with the audience and judges.

To celebrate the landmark AGT appearance, Koko Face Yoga is offering a special 50% off for On-Demand Courses, and 35% discount on their pre-order Sleep Tape™.

For more information about Koko Face Yoga's science-backed techniques or the AGT special offer, visit or follow her on social media.

About Koko Face Yoga

Born and raised in Japan, where face yoga has been a staple for decades, Koko Hayashi turned to the practice following an unfortunate plastic surgery experience. This inspired her mission to promote natural beauty solutions, leading her to bring face yoga to the United States in 2017. With a roster of high-profile students, including Kim Kardashian, and a vibrant social media community of over 1 million followers, Koko has established herself as a trailblazer in the industry. Her notable accolades include being voted #1 at The Yoga Expo Los Angeles and featured appearances on "America's Got Talent", "Shark Tank", and more!

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