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Fix Asymmetrical Eyes

Today, let's discuss ways to enhance eye symmetry. Many of us have some degree of asymmetry, which is normal as we have a dominant and non-dominant eye, just like a dominant hand or eyebrow. However, it's best to minimize the asymmetry. Here are three tips and exercises to help.

1. Butterfly Adjustment

The butterfly refers to a bone inside the body that is shaped like a butterfly and connects to the temple. To improve symmetry, you want to balance the height of the two temples. Here's how to do it: stand in front of a mirror, find the difference in height between your temples, then place your fingers on the lower temple and gently push it up. At the same time, press down on the higher temple with your other hand. Repeat this for five breaths, keeping your legs uncrossed and your chest open. This exercise helps to balance the muscles in the temple and jaw, which can contribute to asymmetry. In addition to this exercise, it's important to have a balanced diet and avoid asymmetrical eating habits. Improving symmetry takes time and consistency, but with a combination of exercises and healthy habits, you can make progress.

2. Cheekbone Exercise

To perform the cheekbone exercise, place your palm at a 45 degree angle to the center of your cheek, press in and hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute while doing slow breathing. The tongue should be up and it is recommended to rest your elbow on a stable surface for better stability. Focus on lowering one cheekbone at a time before doing both at the same time. The asymmetry in the face is often due to body asymmetry, so it may not be possible to make the face perfectly symmetrical. However, the goal is to make the face as symmetrical as possible by bringing down one cheekbone and lifting the other.

3. Frontalis Exercise

Let's focus on the frontalis area. This exercise targets the overdrive muscle and is important. We have already worked on the butterfly and cheek area and now it's time to work on the frontalis to improve the eyes. Place the lower palm of your hand on the frontalis, which is the upper part of the eye socket. Be careful not to damage the eye and place your elbow on the table. Inhale and lift your hand slightly. Repeat this two more times, focusing on slow breathing. The last step is to lie down in a supine position, check your symmetry and make sure it's 50/50. If you haven't already, check out my seven asymmetrical face exercises too.

To summarize: This exercise focuses on the frontalis muscle around the forehead. First, place your thumb on the temple, inhale and move your thumb. We have also worked on the butterfly muscle and the cheek. To target the frontalis muscle, place the eye socket on the lower brow and lift straight up while doing five slow breaths. For more information on asymmetry and gut analysis, check out our tutorials and instructor certification program on Facebook. Thank you and happy new year!

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