Fix asymmetrical nose

Fix asymmetrical nose

Let's shift our focus to discussing how to address asymmetrical noses caused by bad habits. Today, we'll explore exercises that can help fix this issue. It's important to note that the nose is composed of both bone and cartilage, with the latter being a softer type of bone. When we observe the nose closely, we can see that there are several cartilage areas that correspond to different countries on a map. To tackle asymmetry, we can use a chiropractic approach to straighten the nose. Let's begin by slowly looking down and gently breathing in and out. The slower the breathing, the better the results.

1. Warm up

To make it easier to straighten the cartilage, let's relax the nose area. Start by massaging three areas  the top, middle, and nostril for 30 seconds each. Be gentle and don't press too hard. Move your shoulders down and relax.

Gently massage the top area like this, then move to the middle and do the same. Lastly, massage the nostril area, and don't worry if your nose runs a bit  it's a good detox. This exercise is an excellent way to relax overactive muscles in the nose area.

2. Nutshell

To determine which maxilla bone is higher or lower, touch your face and feel for the difference. If you're sitting at a desk, use your elbow to stabilize your hand and find the higher bone. Once you've identified the higher bone, use your hand to gently lift it while looking down for 30 seconds. Check your cheekbone to see if it's become more pronounced, and adjust the other side as needed. To flatten the cheekbone, apply light pressure for a quick moment. Repeat on the other side if necessary. With practice, you can achieve a straighter, more symmetrical face.

3. Press using your thumb and finger

Let's move on to step three for straightening the nose. Identify which side of the nose is more bent, and gently press it towards the other side using your thumb and fingers. Place your thumb on the area near the forehead to lift up the frontal bone and muscle. Slowly touch the nose with your other hand and gently press it towards the straighter side. Breathe slowly and press a little harder when you exhale for 30 seconds. Check if there's any improvement in your nose shape. In summary, we did three exercises to straighten the nose: a warm up, flattening the cheekbone, and pressing the nose towards the straighter side.


In these exercises, we learned different techniques to straighten the nose and achieve a more symmetrical face. The warm-up exercise involved gentle massages on three areas of the nose. In step two, we identified the higher maxilla bone and lifted it to achieve a more pronounced cheekbone. Lastly, in step three, we pressed the nose towards the straighter side using our thumb and fingers while breathing slowly. With practice, these exercises can help improve the shape of the nose and achieve a more balanced facial appearance.

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