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Fix Asymmetrical Tongue Posture And Tongue Movement While Eating | Improve Symmetry In The Face

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Hi Everyone today I'm going to talk about asymmetrical time and how to fix it but first of all what is asymmetrical tongue so when you stick your top and this is not ready I don't think it's that asymmetrical it's just a time by the way I have long time you can make sure your time longer by doing some time training because time is another big muscle which can be allowed between anyway so two things I'm gonna talk about resting time posture and time movement when you chew when you eat something if you are concerned about the asymmetrical pace please keep watching when your face is resting you know that time should be taxed to the palate right not like this not like this because there's a gap not like that but the sucking up we know that right if you don't know what it is take my video just tap search tank posture on our YouTube channel you find it it's a very very very important basic skill.

I mean knowledge so but then I know that my time cuz I'm aware of it I know my time is exciting up to the palate that's good that's a first check but then I realize my this side I'm sucking more on if instead of it the tongue is in the middle it was a little bit to this sorry for it but you are exaggerated now then I realize I have more tension on this and then you get more eccentric okay so let's take it our face first relax your faith and then close your mouth just simply don't think about it anything just simply close them out and then make sure that time is up on the palate and then which high which side has more things on which side is more sucking up I realized my this side is more sucking up than the other side if we stuck it up on the middle that's great you probably have more asymmetrical symmetrical face so that's great but if you have a symmetrical face you might your tan amazing is metrically proposition which means on this side a little bit more or a little bit this side if I exaggerate did you find a website has more tension or cycling horse tank course and then that's great that's the first step from now we can fix it if you know which side and then try to bring that time more to the center not here not here but to the center as much as possible and as alone as possible that's one thing the other thing I noticed is that how your tongue is moving when you eat it when you're chewing it so this is so hard to explain in without showing my mouth but so get that stuff food and then chew chew chew chew and then bring to the both side equal amount similar amount to the both right back up of the case and then I mean if you don't know what my list up chewing system or the exercising it.

Please six other videos because that's another important thing to build more muscle in the cheek area but I'm talking about timed movement when YouTube I don't think so many people are not so many people are talking about it because it's like so very very specific but I realize it's very very important because when I chew when when when you chew tan is like up down up down up down up down up down up down this is a correct tongue movement trying to move around around around because the size of the food is different the textures different every time you at it it varies right so time to move around when you to to to to fight fight fight fight fight fight but it's normal but ideally I learned that the time should be up down up down up down up down and then I realize that my this side is using more so in other words it's it's more like up down up down up down up them instead of the middle not like this this is ideal for my was more to the right side up down up down up them it was more like a making circle to to this side this side this side this side not this side so ideally should be like like this up and up down up down in the middle that's the idea but I was doing more this like this this motion not yes so now I know that my room for improvement so now I can fix it so when you eat something if you have something to eat please try it and then see which side is being used which which palette which palette size side side is being being touched by your tongue the one you are using more is dominant side and you are using more side and then you get one asymmetrical face so ideally when your time is biting up turn up turn up come in the middle up turn up the knob this not this but in in the mirror make sense I have so many checklists to fix your asymmetrical face and body so if you haven't watched my tendon bad habits to cause a symmetrical face please check the video also as well but also if you want to be more advanced if you know people really really want to have the asymmetrical face please be be mindful about resting time position and fighting over time movement if you enters in other exercises please check my website Coco face yoga calm to redownload this Yoga paper book and sugar oil and after some elbows wall with AI so please stay tuned thank you so much till the next video bye
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