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Fix Gummy Smile | Relax The Overworking Muscles That Cause Gummy Smile With Face Yoga Exercises

If it's not easy to smile, you have these guys have extra work hard to lift up your muscles. So that causes a gummy smile.


Hi, everyone. Today we are going to work on a gummy smile. In case you don't know what gummy smile is. A gummy smile is like when you smile, too much gum area is showing when you smile like this. There is some medical treatment you might want to consider, but if you don't fix the fundamental cause to create the gummy smile, the result might not, might be temporary. So if you're interested in natural solutions and trying to fix the fundamental cause, keep watching.

Number one, relax this muscle on the side of the nose. This one is overacting up overworking when you smile like this. So then like this and showing the gum area and the nostril becomes bigger because this becomes like kind of really up and then nose wrinkle and some tiny wrinkle. Nothing is good when this is overworking, especially when you smile, especially because it shows the gum area.So this is where people do Botox on to prevent, to reduce gummy smile symptom. So now we know the reason this is overworking. So why not relax them? After washing your hands when you do skincare or any time, but use a finger and then you can do this too. But because of that corona-virus thing, I'm going to use this one is knuckled it's safer. Whichever easier for you is fine, but just look massage down massage, down, and then massage down. If you have a gummy smile issue, probably when you massage down, shiatsu down, you might have felt a little bit pain, but that's a good pain that you are supposed to break down. So it's okay to have felt some pain, not too much, but a little bit of pain. That's a muscle tension that we need to break it down. Depending on the condition, But you could do like one, two, three, four, five, five massages, but do slowly not like [inaudible], doesn't make this doesn't mean much. So do slowly. Shiatsu down. Shiatsu down like five times, five to 10 times per day. It is recommended to do little by little throughout the day, instead of 10 times at once like onetime, 10:00 AM, two time, 11:00 AM, three times 4:00 PM or some, something like that.

Tip number two, tongue posture matters. Why tongue matters for a gummy smile? Because when the tongue is down on the bottom, on the lower chin, you have, you have a pressure to bottom. Everything is done, pressure down. So when you smile, you have to this muscle extra work hard to bring it up to smile, make sense? So if the tongue is touching on the palate like this, you have a good tension on this area. So you, these guys do not do not all have to overwork. If you don't know what good tongue posture is and how to train it, please check out the videos in the description below. Let's do one experiment. So put your tongue up on the palate, which is good tongue posture. And then smile. Show me upper teeth.My tongue is on top, on the rooftop. And then on purpose, put the tongue on the bottom of the chin and then do the same smile. So, mm, up tongue up or tongue down.[inaudible]Did you feel any difference in the muscle when I tongue up and smile? It's easy, but if the tongue is down and then smile, I have lots of tension here. And I feel like, I mean, personally, I don't think I have gummy smile, gummy smile issue, but I have I feel more, more here and it's hard, more not here, but more lower part have tension. So it's not easy to smile. If it's not easy to smile, you have, these guys have to extra work hard to lift up your muscles. So that cause gummy smile.

Tip three, let's do one exercise. So use your finger like the one we did in the massage. So pull down and then smile and try not to try to relax this muscle and then use your finger to help that. And then show upper teeth. Then atleast eight then keep the smile. [inaudible]. Upper teeth should be showing otherwise it's not a good practice. So break it down, and but try to relax this part then ten seconds then we get when the 10 seconds is done. Uh, and then slowly let go the fingers and then keep it, um, three, four and eight,nine,10.So those are three tips.

One is bring it down because this is the Botox muscles. You want to bring it down, always relax. Number two is a tongue posture matters. So when you smile, even when you're not smiling, but especially when you smile, keep the tongue up always. And number three is a, bring it down, relax down and then smile ten seconds and let go, and then keep the beautiful smile with relaxed muscle here.

By the way, totally separate from the gummy smile thing, but I'm going to answer one question from the YouTube comments because I cannot answer each one. And uhm so let me randomly choose that question.Okay. This one is mak cann will this last permanently? I did this a lot, but after I sleep, it returns to my original, huge nose. What should I do? This is for the nose exercise. The result is not permanent, same as body exercise. So if you do body exercise, keep doing it, doing it, and you are fit. You have good muscle and that's great, but if you've stopped doing the exercise the body becomes the original condition,right? Same as for the face. I mean, in general, you should be, keep doing it on a regular basis to keep the result. But if you keep doing good face posture, usher, and stop doing about facial expression habit,and keep good, correct way of moving your facial muscles for daily facial activities, you will not need to do those so many exercise every single day. Like in fact, I have so many exercises.As you know, but I don't do everything.

I do very little, but try to keep good face posture when your face is resting and it keeps good, correct way of moving your facial muscles correctly for daily facial activities,such as speaking, smiling, eating, yawning, breathing, sleeping, uh, so many things which I introduced on this YouTube channel. So if you do that, you do not. You will not need to just do so many exercises,everything every single day, but in general, especially at the beginning, I highly suggest you do the exercises if it works. And then,Uh, in there later, you will not need to do as much as you used to do at the beginning. Make sense?As always, if you haven't got this yoga paper yet, please do so. It's free download available at The book is available, the sugar oil for the face is available and app is available. AI Koko is available for any questions if the robot cannot answer I will answer. So please ask me there as well.

Thank you so much. See you in the next video. Bye
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