Fix Jowl & Marionette Lines

Fix Jowl & Marionette Lines

Hello, everyone! Today, I'll be discussing effective methods to prevent or address the issue of facial lines and sagging. There are two primary reasons why you may experience these concerns currently or in the future. Firstly, when our cheek muscles go into a relaxed state during sleep, they can begin to sag. Secondly, the mentalist muscle in our chin area may become overworked, leading to sagging as well. The contrast between these two muscle conditions often results in the appearance of lines. Now, let me present to you five valuable tips and exercises to combat this issue.

1. Chin Mental Massage

One focuses on the chin mental massage, as it plays a significant role in addressing the issue at hand. When incorporating your skincare routine, consider including this facial technique. After applying your preferred skincare cream, use both knuckles of your hand. Begin by gently pressing your knuckles against your chin and count from one to five, exerting a moderate amount of pressure. Repeat this motion upwards, counting from one to four, then two to three.

2. Neck Stretch

For tip number two, let's focus on neck stretches. It's important to keep the neck relaxed at all times. However, if you have neck pain, please avoid these stretches. Assuming you don't have any discomfort, let's proceed. We'll perform two different stretches: a simple 45-degree tilt and a 30-degree tilt. For the 45-degree stretch, count from one to ten while holding the position, and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the same process for the other side. To intensify the stretch, look up and feel the SCM muscle stretching. You can also challenge yourself by sticking out your tongue and pretending to touch your nose. Remember to keep your shoulders down and perform the stretches slowly. These neck stretches can be done anytime, including when you're working on the computer and need a break to stretch and relax.

3. Fat Suction

Liposuction is a common procedure performed to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body. The accumulation of unnecessary fat in certain regions can result in a gel like appearance. To address this issue, a suction technique is employed to effectively reduce the fat from within. It is important to note that the procedure is typically performed on one side at a time. I have previously created a video explaining this exercise in detail.

4. Face Posture™

Maintaining proper face posture™ is crucial, even when your face is at rest. To keep your facial muscles engaged, it is important to understand and practice face posture. Mirroring is a key aspect of this technique, where lifting the tongue against the roof of your mouth helps elevate the yellow maxilla muscle, which serves as a central point in your face. This action aids in repositioning unnecessary muscles and promoting facial alignment. Additionally, it is vital to pay attention to the corners of your mouth, ensuring they are slightly elevated or flat rather than downturned. Correct tongue posture and touching the palate fully are also important for maintaining proper face posture.

5. Bad Facial Expression

It is crucial to avoid making negative facial expressions that can lead to sagging and unnecessary tension in the face. Overacting and exaggerated expressions should be avoided, instead opting for subtle cues to convey negative emotions. It is important to be mindful of neck and shoulder tension, as they contribute to a downward appearance and the formation of lines. While eating, it is recommended to engage the cheeks by lifting them slightly, rather than keeping them tense. Additionally, mastering the technique of soft swallowing can be beneficial. It is essential to understand that there is no single exercise or solution for addressing all facial concerns, as facial muscles are interconnected. Consciousness of face posture and avoiding bad facial expression habits are equally important factors to consider for optimal results.


In conclusion, we have explored various tips and techniques to improve facial appearance and muscle engagement. The chin mental massage and neck stretches provide relaxation and support for the chin and neck areas. Liposuction is a surgical option for reducing excess fat, while maintaining proper face posture through mirroring and tongue placement helps reposition muscles and promote alignment. Avoiding negative facial expressions and being mindful of neck and shoulder tension contribute to a youthful appearance. Engaging the cheeks while eating and mastering soft swallowing can also be beneficial. Remember, addressing facial concerns requires a holistic approach that includes face posture, avoiding bad facial expressions, and conscious muscle engagement.

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