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Fix Neck Lines

Today's topic is the tongue bone and its relation to facial symmetry and mewing. The tongue bone, also known as the hyoid bone, is located inside the skull and supports the tongue muscle. When the tongue bone is crooked, it can affect the tongue muscle and facial symmetry. The purpose of the hyoid bone is to provide attachment for the muscles of the tongue and other structures in the mouth and throat.

1. Adjust the neck posture

For adjusting the tongue bone is to adjust the neck posture because the tongue bone is inside the skull and cannot be touched directly. A good posture with an S-shaped neck is important for maintaining balance and avoiding tension in the muscles. The more the head is tilted forward, the heavier the weight on the neck and shoulders, which can lead to asymmetry and tension. Therefore, it is essential to maintain good posture to prevent these issues.

2. Stretch and massage

Although I'm not a massage expert, I like to stretch for a few seconds when I have free time, such as waiting at a red light or in a restroom. It's a reminder for myself to address my posture issues, which cause tightness and discomfort. Stretching regularly can help alleviate these issues to some extent.

3. Adjustment using hands

Using two fingers, hold your neck on the right and left sides to check for asymmetry. Press on each side and see which side feels easier to drop your jaw. If one side feels easier, you want to press the neck bone out slightly on that side. Repeat this process for the lower three areas of the neck. When you have time, press the bone out on the side that feels easier to open your mouth. If you feel a big difference between the right and left sides, adjust the bone on the side that feels easier to open your mouth. Try this technique and let me know if it works for you.


We did three things: posture correction with the 10-60 degree rule, stretching whenever you have time, and complicated adjustments. If you're interested, check out our face yoga app for tutorials and asymmetric analysis. We also have upcoming events like the Beijing Day Olympics and Ola Expo in Los Angeles in January 2022. Check our website for more information. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos. Bye!

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