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Make Fuller Lips Naturally

In this video, I will share updated tips on how to achieve fuller lips naturally. Rather than resorting to excessive lip fillers, which can result in a similar, uniform look, I will show you a more natural approach to achieving plump lips. Let's get started!

1. Lip sumo exercise

This is a lip exercise called "lip sumo" to create fuller lips without filler. Relax your facial muscles and press your upper and lower lips tightly together to build muscle around your mouth. The upper lip is the focus as the lower lip tends to overwork. Ensure a tiny gap between your upper and lower teeth and reduce tension by holding your chin with a finger. Keep your tongue on the palate to maintain symmetry. Do this exercise three times a day for 10 seconds each time. Focus on the upper lip only and use cheek vibration to release tension. Be sure to prevent wrinkles by using fingers and cheek vibration before and after the exercise.

2. Mewing

A technique called mewing, is also known as correct tongue posture. It's important to first watch our mewing 101 video as it's essential to understand the correct technique. When mewing, the tongue is placed in a specific position that causes the yellow maxilla bone to protrude slightly, particularly in younger individuals. This can result in significant forward growth of the face rather than elongation.

Even for older individuals, mewing can have positive effects. Before and after photos have shown improvement, and Dr. Afzali, a professional I've learned from, has observed that patients who practice mewing can experience forward movement of the upper lip, resulting in a fuller and more attractive appearance. It's important to note that this technique primarily affects the upper lip rather than the lower lip. So, if you want to achieve a fuller and more positive look, focusing on mewing can be an amazing way to achieve it.

3. Philtrum exercise

Although I have yet to give it an official name, I've previously demonstrated this exercise in a video. To perform it, gently hold your lips together and slightly push up without engaging your nose or cheek muscles. Focus solely on your Philtrum muscle to create a defined cupid's bow. It may be challenging at first, but aim to do this exercise slowly and isolate only the Philtrum muscle. If other muscles move initially, it's okay, but try to minimize their engagement as you practice. Start with 10 repetitions a day, focusing on quality over quantity. With consistency, this exercise can lead to fuller and more defined upper lips.

In summary, the video presented three exercises and tips for improving the appearance of the lips and face. The first tip was to do the lip sumo exercise and reduce chin tension. The second tip was to practice correct tongue posture or "mewing" to enhance the fullness of the upper lip. The third exercise focused on creating the lower cupid's bow on purpose, isolating the muscle and avoiding tension in other facial muscles. The video also promoted the Face Yoga App and upcoming events such as the Face Olympics and instructor certification.

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