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Hair Growth Scalp Massage Aka Japanese Dry Headspa With Sayuri, En Headspa, Beverly Hills

Koko: So bad example could be like if I'm doing like I was doing like this a lot, so this is bad.

Hi everyone, today we have a special guest, head spa specialist, Sayuri.

Sayuri: Hi

Koko: She's a really great, amazing head spa specialist in BeverlyHills. Right?

Sayuri: Thank you. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Koko: And today we get to do amazing head spa aka scalp massage for hair growth.

Sayuri: Perfect. Okay. So, um, we gonna start from the neck and shoulder. Usually when I do, um, the head massage, because most of the people who have, you know, migraine and headache, their shoulders very tight. So I'm just gonna start from the, um, the back, neck, and shoulder. So you start doing that and then you're gonna go.

Koko: Can you show me the back?

Sayuri: Yeah. I'm going to show you the back way now and you're going to stop. Sorry. Start from the back and you can go to the neck.

Koko: Like a circular motion?

Sayuri: That's right. And then you can kind of press it. You feel it pressure point where the, um, you're you feel good? You know, it depends on the person, but you can feel how good you feel. And then I am going to, um, go from the neck area, which is the root of your hair. I usually use a thumb to massage your neck area to the roots of the, um, head. This area is for the eyes.

Koko: Acupoint?

Sayuri: Right. It's an eye acupoint. When you use a computer or cellphone a lot, you can feel how tight it is. So you want to massage the root, this area, and then I'm going to go to the side, which is a temple area, Which is very connected to your facial muscles. So when you massage it, you definitely feel it. But most importantly, I don't want you to massage your hair. I want you to massage your scalp when you massage your hair, it damaging your hair. So what I do is instead of going from the top, I go from each side, and then you can start massaging from the bottom to the top. And then consciously you think you are massaging your scalp, not the hair.

Koko: Not the hair. So bad example could be like if I'm doing as I was doing like this a lot, this is bad.

Sayuri: This is bad.

Koko: Mhm, this is bad. I used to do a lot until I met her. Yeah.

Sayuri: Cuticle. That's why...

Koko: Mhm, cuticle. Right? You don't want to damage the cuticle.

Sayuri: So I want, you know what, I'm going to break it. That's why you're consciously thinking. I know it's hard. I know it's hard, but consciously thinking you're massaging your scalp.

Koko: Also. What about this? Cause I use this a lot. Is this good?

Sayuri: Mhm, that's very good. It is very good because you're stimulating your scalp, which means you'restimulating your blood flow. So it's very good, you know, movement.

Sayuri: Yup. Yup.

Koko: Okay.

Sayuri: And then, you know, we are all fighting against gravity, force as well. So, you know, when pores get, you know, bigger out there, it doesn't do anything. Pores get bigger and loose. For instance, like you, you have nicely tight pores. Your hair just stays there, but you're getting loose pore, hair comes out easy.

Koko: Right. Right. Huh.

Sayuri: So massaging your scalp muscle is like work out. You're creating a work out so that you're scalp massage, um, muscle is tightened so hair won't come out easily and then when you do this massage for minutes per day, for twenty-four weeks, you see your hair, um, get more volume.

Koko: Did you say that there's a, like a study, clinical study?

Sayuri: Yup. They have a study like in Japan who did every day, four minutes, only four minutes, just massaging your scalp.

Koko: Is it okay to do like a one minute at 1:00 PM and another one minute after 5:00 PM or four minutes at once.

Sayuri: I know it's hard. I think it's better to do just four minutes’ concentrating. I mean, it's not, you can do more than that, you know, more than 10 minutes, 20minutes, but like concentrating like four minutes per day. But at the same time, would be work.

Koko: Oh, okay. It's better. Okay. Okay. Cool. So, and then this is like a temp temporalis muscle.

Sayuri: Yeah, temporal area. And then you can go to the center, right? Always from the bottom to the top, always from the bottom to the top. And then you can start from the center.

Koko: Center this line?

Sayuri: Right. You can feel the pressure point where you feel.

Koko: Which finger are you using?

Sayuri: I'm using an index finger, but whatever you feel, you know, you like the pressure in the middle finger or ring finger, however, or you can use three-finger, however you feel good.

Koko: So, is it like this?

Sayuri: Yep. Right, right.

Koko: Oh.

Sayuri: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then you can do stuff on the little bit side, uh, like half-inch side, and then you can go from the roots to the top, down to the top, bottom to top. That's how you do it. So you can tell like, you know, how, where it feels good, so you can start massaging. And four minutes goes really quickly.

Koko: Okay. And, um, there's another muscle?

Sayuri: Right. It's called arrector pili muscle, which is a small muscle, um, attached to the hair follicle. Somassaging will definitely help strengthen your arrector pili muscle, which you can experience a little bit. But you usually, um, explain to the people how muscle work.

Koko: Yes. So my face yoga, basically, you're gonna train your facial muscles and then stretch, train, and then stretch training and stretch. This is a key, this repetition is a key for elastic muscle, elastic skin. So that’s why I think to wake up the hair standing muscle. I forgot the name. Arrector what?

Sayuri: Arrector pili muscle.

Koko: Yeah. AKA hair standing muscle to lift up your hair.Yeah, right? Yeah. Do the training, wake up the wake up the hair standing muscle and then relax and wake up and relax, wake up, relax. This is key. This repetition is a, it's good for the scalp.

Sayuri: Right.

Koko: That's why I think face, um, not the face, but the scalp massage is really, really good for hair growth.Yeah.

Sayuri: Great. That's great.

Koko: In fact, because of the face is so, I mean the face is hanging from the skull. If the skull is not elastic, you, your face becomes very tense as well. And then when, when you get the tension in the face, you get the asymmetrical face or wrinkles or all the bad aging thing happens. So I like the face, face, scalp massage a lot because it's easy to do. You don't need any like massage oil or you don't have to wash your face or anything. Right? I used to do it before this coronavirus thing I used to do all the time in Uber. Every time get in Uber, I want to do face massage, but I cannot touch it because I have the hands are dirty.

Sayuri: Right.

Koko: You can do the, um, scalp massage, but because I didn't know Sayuri at that time, so I was using this a lot. So friction, friction, friction, friction. No, no good.

Koko: Yeah. Now, don't cause friction to protect the cuticle of the hair.


Koko: Massage the scalp, not the hair.

Sayuri: Right. Right.

Koko: Very very key.

Sayuri: Right. Especially when you do dry head massage.

Koko: So she usually does a wet one. Right?

Sayuri: Right, right.

Koko: At the salon.

Sayuri: That's right.

Koko: So if you want to go to that wet version which is more relaxing. Yeah. Check out. Um, she studied beauty and has a salon in Beverly Hills. Yeah. So, so check her information in the description below. So let's do one more time as a summary, let's summarize everything we did together and then you do together, everyone together.

Sayuri: So you're going to start from the back of your shoulder. Uh, and then you can just massage through it and you can go to the neck area. You can just massage through it. And then when you come to the groove of your head, you use the thumb. Yeah. Probably your eyes are very tired of using a computer. So you can just massage through that. And then you can start on the side, temple muscle, again consciously you're thinking about, you're not massaging your hair, you're massaging your scalp and then from the bottom to the top, bottom to the top. You can just nicely. Going up and then you can start doing from the front to the top. And then you can just say, repeat this motion yourself. You know, four minutes max, you can do four minutes, but you can do more than that if you want, however you want.

Koko: Okay. So if I want to, I feel this is really, this is really good for me, so I can do like three minutes in here.

Sayuri: Yup. Yup. Yup. However you feelgood and then, you know, sometimes it's tiring to go do the back of your top. However, you feel comfortable cause you don't want to get, you know, tight in your shoulders. So however you feel comfortable, you can start doing. Yup.

Koko: Okay, cool.

Sayuri: Four minutes a day.

Koko: Just four minutes a day.

Sayuri: That's right. Easy peasy.

Koko: Four, four minutes a day. Well, that's great.

Sayuri: Thank you very much, Koko.

Koko: Okay, thank you very much, Sayuri-san. I'll talk to you soon.

Sayuri: Sounds good.

Koko and Sayuri: Bye
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