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Hair growth update

In my hair growth journey, I've experimented with various methods over the past two and a half years. Today, I'll discuss five approaches that I've tried and share my observations on their effectiveness.

1. Laser treatment

I tried laser treatment for hair growth, which involved wearing an expensive device for 25 minutes every two days. Initially, I saw positive results with significant hair growth for about 3-5 months. However, the effects didn't last, and my hair started thinning again. I reached out to the company, and they suggested reducing the frequency of treatment, but it didn't yield long term results for me. I've also consulted with dermatologists and hair loss specialists who have heard similar complaints about this type of treatment. While it may work temporarily for some, it didn't provide the long term outcome I was hoping for. I'm still using it but haven't found it as exciting as I initially thought.


Another approach I tried was taking supplements, particularly Bio Team for hair growth and iron supplements, along with multivitamins and vitamin D due to my specific needs as a female. While I can't say for certain if they directly impacted my hair, supplements are generally considered beneficial for overall health, including skin health. However, different doctors have varying opinions on the effectiveness of Bio Team. Ultimately, the efficacy of supplements depends on the individual since everyone's body and hair are unique. Nonetheless, taking supplements is generally beneficial for overall health and skin.

3. Medication called Alda Al Comm

I have been prescribed a medication called Alda Al Comm, which is supposed to be beneficial for both hair and skin. It requires a prescription and is not available over the counter. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, so I'm not sure about the results yet.

4. Minoxidil

Another method I've tried is using Minoxidil, a well known treatment for hair. It comes in liquid form, and I apply one milliliter by gently tapping it on my scalp, focusing on areas with receding hairlines. I massage the scalp afterward, usually at night, and sometimes I use a Derma roller to enhance absorption. It's important to note that I consulted with medical professionals for guidance to ensure safety and effectiveness. If considering Minoxidil or any treatment, it's advisable to consult with doctors to minimize potential side effects.

5. Scalp massage

The final method I've tried is scalp massage, which I personally find enjoyable. I continue to massage my scalp even without using Minoxidil because it has multiple benefits, including lifting the scalp and improving. It's important to note that scalp massage should focus on the scalp itself, not the hair, to avoid damaging friction. I learned this from a hairstylist and head spa specialist named Sayuri, with whom I collaborated on a video demonstrating scalp massage techniques. I highly recommend watching it if you're interested in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Sri emphasized the importance of massaging the scalp for four minutes daily, which, according to studies, may yield positive results. Sometimes, I even use a scalp massager or a vibrating tool to enhance the experience.


I have explored various methods to address hair loss and promote hair growth. Laser treatment initially showed promising results, but the effects were not long-lasting. Supplements, such as Bio Team and iron supplements, have generally been considered beneficial for overall health, although their direct impact on hair growth varies from person to person. I have recently started using a prescription medication called Alda Al Comm, which is specifically designed for hair and skin health, but it is too early to determine its effectiveness. Additionally, I have incorporated the use of Minoxidil, a well-known treatment for hair, in consultation with medical professionals. Scalp massage, focusing on the scalp itself, has also been a part of my routine and is enjoyable. It is important to note that when considering any treatment, consulting with doctors is advisable to minimize potential side effects.
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