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Hair Style Tips For Asymmetrical Face

Today, I want to talk about hairstyles and how they can help you balance asymmetrical faces.

Asymmetrical faces aren't necessarily a bad thing they just take a little more work than their symmetrical counterparts. It's important to give yourself the right kind of frame before you even start thinking about your skin or muscle structure!

1. Side bangs

I'm gonna teach you how to disguise asymmetrical features.

The first thing to remember is that everyone is a little asymmetrical. It's normal, and it's fine! But if you want to disguise your asymmetry, here's one way to do it: side bangs.

Side bangs are this one (pointing at the left side of the face). This is a bit shorter, and this one is longer. Side bangs are really helpful in disguising asymmetry because they balance out the view of your face. For example, if your hair faces like this longer on one side and looks like this on the other side, it will look even longer because of how much space there is between these two sides when compared to the space between here and here (pointing at the right side of face). That's why you might want to add some kind of side bangs something like that (pointing at the left side of your face), especially on the longer side of your head.

2. Two Part Hair

Tip number two: if your face is asymmetrical and you're concerned about it, part your hair off-center.

If you part it in the middle, like this, and then do this on the other side, it's going to look more symmetrical that's not what we want. So instead of parting it in the center…

You can part it like a zigzag or just off-center like this way or this side, either side is fine. Or you could do a zigzag. Any of those would be nice! Just don't part your hair in the middle.

3. Show one ear

Tip number three: show your one ear, but not this one.

It's important to show one ear, but not this one, since you still want to hide it. But the other ear can be shown. This is obviously asymmetrical, right? My ears are slightly different from each other, so it might be hard for you to see it. But this is already very asymmetrical only one ear is showing here. So that it's like an illusion; people will not notice that your face is symmetrical because you're obviously very asymmetrical by showing only one ear. In summary, I'm still learning a lot about hairstyles because it's totally new field for me. So please suggest to me more about anything I said wrong and please fix me in the chat comment section below! I would really appreciate it!

We talked about three things to balance out your asymmetrical face with a hairstyle.

One is to wear your hair longer on the side of your face that has more of an evenness, like this side. If you cut it short, that's gonna make the asymmetry even more noticeable in your hair. So longer is better on this side.

Another thing is where to part the hair you don't want it in the middle, because then it will emphasize your asymmetry even more by adding another line across your face! So you want to part it on either side or off-center, like this one here.

Thirdly, if you're ok with only showing half of your ear, do so intentionally and make sure it's not covering up any of your cheekbones that would be too much!

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