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Fix hollow under the eyes

I will be discussing a method to address or prevent the issue of under eye hollows. I will provide you with three helpful tips and exercises, so stay tuned! Please note that the original sentence "One and two become united into one piece. Eye socket hole becomes wider this goes down" is unclear. If you could provide more context or clarify the meaning, I would be happy to assist you further.

1. Lift up the skull using tongue

To prevent the eye socket hole from enlarging, a simple solution is to lift the skull and elevate the yellow muscular bone. However, this is not an easy task because bones are more challenging to manipulate compared to muscles. Nonetheless, one approach we can try is tongue posture or "mewing." By placing the tongue on the palate and exerting upward pressure, we can lift the yellow part of the skull and fill in the under-eye hollow.

2. Cheek muscle lifting 

Let's discuss the importance of lifting your cheek muscles. Unlike the bone related aspects, this exercise focuses on the muscles. Elevating both the cheekbones and cheek muscles together fills in hollows, creating a unified appearance. Have you heard of the cheek squat? It's a crucial exercise I highly recommend. Facial muscle movement during activities like eating is also important. Watch my dedicated video for details. When chewing, focus on lifting the cheeks to activate the muscles responsible for elevation. Chewing carries more significance than the cheek squat, but both exercises help. Simplify by prioritizing the eating technique. It makes a noticeable difference.

3. Lifting lower eyelid

This exercise is similar to a squat but specifically targets the lower eyelid muscles. You may have noticed that the blue color indicates a sleeping muscle, while red represents an overworked one. We want to lift up the lower eyelid, which tends to be dark blue, signifying deep sleep. To address this, we need to awaken and lift the other ocular eye muscles, particularly the lower eyelid. When this muscle sags, it can contribute to the appearance of hollows. By lifting the lower eyelid, we not only address this issue but also make it easier to lift the cheeks.


In conclusion, there are several techniques that can help lift and fill in hollow areas on the face. One approach is tongue posture or "mewing," which involves placing the tongue on the palate and exerting upward pressure to lift the yellow part of the skull and fill in under eye hollows. Another technique is cheek muscle lifting, which focuses on elevating both the cheekbones and cheek muscles together to create a unified appearance. Exercises like the cheek squat and proper chewing technique can be beneficial for this purpose. Lastly, lifting the lower eyelid can address dark under eye hollows by awakening and lifting the ocular eye muscles. These techniques, when combined, can help improve the overall appearance of the face and reduce the appearance of hollows.

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