How To Asses Asymmetrical Face With Teeth Alighnment And How To Fix | Chiropractic Technique

How To Asses Asymmetrical Face With Teeth Alighnment And How To Fix | Chiropractic Technique

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to introduce a way to check how asymmetrical your faces are and also how to fix it by checking your teeth.

So first let's assess our faces check your mirror, if you don't have mirror, you can use a phone or something and put in selfie mode so that you can check your especially that teeth here so first relax and gently gently just naturally not thinking anything just close your mouth and then close your upper teeth and lower teeth should be touching this time. I always say should not be touching when your face is resting but this time for the purpose of assessment, touch it! Then each other see if the center of the upper teeth here uh-huh and here this is aligned straight or not.

I noticed that unfortunately mine is not straight it's just a little bit different yeah this one is all right this side and yeah also you should check the cupid's bow this the bump here this this cupid's bow and this line in this line three points one two three should be lined straight.

I feel like upper teeth are okay but lower teeth who is the one who is to the side yeah I think yeah, so I need to bring it back here to move the lower teeth here. Like this I draw down something but, so this is this one and this part should be straight but my case it's not really straight so should I wanna make it this cupid's bow and this line upper teeth and lower teeth those one two three you want to make it those three straight.

So everyone check your face and you did you understand the logic so let's do this exercise in my case I need to I need to bring this like a lower jaw area to this side so I'm gonna press use your finger and then like really press to this side this side but this case use the other hand and then it's like pressing both equally then when you face out when your mouth should be when you do this when you your face should be a little bit open that relax the face especially the chin because that's that one you want you are trying to chiropractic right so in 10 second, inhale then exhale relax and open your mouth [Music] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10… That's it and let's check the teeth I don't know it's kind of same maybe maybe I need to do multiple times but could be a little bit if it's just one time you might not see results because this is very strong thing you should not do do too many times maybe up to five times per day and I learned this technique from other chiropractor in Japan so I'm hoping it works.

So let's do it again like this open your mouth and then… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10… This is a big pressure… A little bit yeah maybe a little bit straight here now than before, well let me know if you tried it please let me know if you this makes any difference or not on your teeth because if the teeth this one cupid's bow and upper teeth and notice if there's one two three and in straight you have a beautiful straight symmetrical mouth so it's likely that you have a beautiful symmetrical face and if you don't this this training I mean the chiropractic exercise might help you to have more beautiful symmetrical fake mouth and then that is so important for symmetrical face make sense?

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