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How to Blink Properly for Reducing Dry Eyes and Eye Wrinkles

You might be doing only eighty 80% blink and then blink outside. How many blinks you should be doing for one minute? [inaudible]

Hi everyone, today I'm going to talk about how to blink properly for wrinkle and dryness reduction eye area. I know this is a very weird topic, kind of, and I didn't really think about this, but someone said, I even don't know how to blink because I talk about how to eat, how to speak. There are many things. Anyway, there are three tips, three tips to blink, not to do, and to do.

Number one, blink fully. Lots of people, including myself in front of computer blue light all the time, phone or a computer and very much fatigue there. So much fatigue is going on in the eye area. Then when, when you blink, you are supposed to blink fully, fully like fully, but you might not be doing, you might be doing only 80%, which means like this. So it's not fully closed. It's a little bit closed off 80% closed that see, there's a gap. So it's not fully closed that worsens dryness. So when the eyes are so dry and you might be doing lots of, lots of, lots of rubbing, because the eyes are dry and that's not good because the more you cause friction, the more tiny wrinkle you get. Remember the eye area of skin is the thinnest in the all the body skin. So you should never, never, never, ever really hard rubbing. In order to stop rubbing. The solution is blinked fully then moisturize. So when you next time blink, which probably now you're blinking. Try to do a little bit slowly, not like, and causing wrinkles, wrinkles. That's, that's going to worsen the more wrinkle. So don't do that. But just gently like a, like a, like this, hope you get it.

Number two don't and then squint too much. As I said, as, in the previous one, you, if you do, and then cause a wrinkle wrinkle wrinkle, especially, the inner one, one inner one, this is a little bit tiny overworking muscle in, in, in, in in. So when you blink if possible, not here, but try to close outer because outer is a weaker muscle. So you want to close outer by doing so, um, you can reduce the tension in that inner corner. Cause inner corner has lots of tiny, tiny wrinkles because of a we blink. Hm, Hm, Hm. Hm. And then in, in, in lots of, lots of inner muscle tension is happening here. We want to reduce from inside out. So when you blink, blink, and then outside blink. I know it's hard to understand and it's hard to explain too, but just think about the outer. Um, you close the outer eye corners.

Number three, how many blinks should you, should we be doing per one minute? Do you know the answer? The answer is 15 times. This is not my opinion, but some other specialist discovered that if you blinking too many times when you're talking to someone and then if you look like a nervous or lying or something suspicious, it doesn't give you a good impression. So ideally you should be blinking around 15 times. And I had a test with my smile trainer in Japan, on Zoom. And when I was talking, she was counting how many blinks I do. And it was like 21 or something like that. And so it's a little bit over 15. So I need to be careful about this. But if you have a chance to talk in front of many people or public speaking, or you just want to have good, you just want to give a good impression to listeners. Other people, don't. Lots of people tend to over blink, not over blink, but blink too many times. So just think about a slow, gentle, slow, blink, and moisturize, moisturize the eyes fully so that you do not have to blink too many times. So three points to blink.

Number one, blink fully, not 80% but fully, gently. Number two, do not squint too much and cause wrinkles. So move the tension from inside out, but fully close. Number three, how many times to blink per minute? 15. Lots of people tend to do too many times. So try to relax and try to reduce the number of blinks. As always, if you haven't got these yoga papers, please do so free download on our website, the book is available, sugar is available and the app is available. And if you have any problem with the app, please, please, please do email us because we need to fix it, fix the problem so that you can enjoy it. And also AI Koko is available. So if you have any questions, please ask the robot and then if the robot can not answer, I will answer. So stay tuned.

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