How To Check How Asymmetrical Your Face/Body Is & How To Fix

How To Check How Asymmetrical Your Face/Body Is & How To Fix

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to find the fundamental calls, no what's the word how to check your fundamental calls of asymmetrical face. So I believe fundamental cause of asymmetrical face is coming from but asymmetrical body because all bodies connected spying and neck and head right so like chewing or the things matters - but if the body's asymmetrical your face is asymmetrical - and there's a way to check how it's metrical your body is first in how to fix those.

The interesting way to check your how asymmetrical your body is you check your feet and shoes so this just my crocks I've been wearing so many years and it's so tired, tired looking because it's really worn out but anyway, it's broken but if you see the teeth not tooth but the feet I mean the shoes back of the shoes you can see which way has more weight in which way have doesn't like I tend to have a tension in here this inner side both thigh but maybe I don't know maybe I'm doing more this this side a little bit more because that means I'm really stressing to this side which is not good and check this the heel as well which one is more like worn out or yeah I guess it seems like I'm tend to like inner side is more broken inner side is more right so I tend to my weight is a little bit more I could in our inner like inner side, so that's how I can tell from this shoes.

Also another interesting check your feet I hope my feet are not dirty yeah it's no perfect but anyway yeah can you do like, what sort because I wear high heels all the time it's like a little bit shrink and then there's like a hard part it's called taco in Japanese, interesting so this taco the hard part is harder than this one which means I'm an I'm like really using this one more than this one so that means that yep that's an evidence that I'm having asymmetrical posture and asymmetrical standing so check your feet and if you can and see if which one has more hard part, I don’t know in English but its called taco in Japanese taco literally means octoas so I don't know why they say taco but taco means this hard part.

By the way um I learned this exercise from a Japanese walking instructor, Kimiko she's my idol and anyway can you do like a goo cho ki pa goo cho ki pa stones, scissors, paper right so you should be able to do stones, scissors, paper. Stone, this is easy and scissors scissors it's like this like this it's hard like this move without hand scissors in the paper it's hard for me to do it but she told me that you should be able to do otherwise your fingers are really shrink it's right really tight so you need to be yeah if you want to have more flexible feet and important for because when you walk if you wanna balance if you wanna walk or stand or something in balance without asymmetrical body weight you would need to use all the five fingers I mean the five toes right and then you know that to use the five toes you should be able to do this stone scissors finger with this I can stones scissors finger my my scissors is not good example I need to practice more but anyway that's another exercise you can try.

So if you want to find the fundamental calls to make your face asymmetrical which is body posture so check your feet and check your shoes please and then let's just review quickly review that bad habits to contribute to a symmetrical face so true on one side only that's bad so do on the both sides that's one thing and side sleeping is bad if you have to decide sleeping do both today do this tomorrow do this that they have to tomorrow do this the next day do this and alternate on the both thighs I try to do it back, sleeping crossing legs is not good either don't do that if you have to do do both thighs make sense? and stand like standing or like this or like this yeah be aware of the good posture, good balance when you stand when you walk as well and carrying back all the time on dominant hand that's no good so do on the both side.

I recently started using a backpack and it's so good I yeah I have got some neck pain and I think it's coming from I because I was using this side only that's why yeah so try to if you have have to do this in 15 minutes later you'd change to this in five minutes later you change to this and three minutes later you change to this or something and alternate the shoulder that's good but also the backpack it's it's really good and yeah and also when you stand on that when you set up a desk don't do like this if you have to do do both sides but basically I don't like this don't do that if you can yeah and phone, looking down on the phone is really bad for neck and that comes asymmetrical face as well so please be careful.

Try to look up not look that this is kind of a weak awkward so should be a little bit down but but not like this the back face is like this straight but looking down just a little like 45 degree or 30 degree down I think that's good.

Thank you very much for watching if you're interested on the exercises check my website Koko face to get this free download , the yoga paper and the book and sugar oil and app is yes it's launched and I would like you to try it because it's premium which means some exercise are free so please try it, it's kind of getting better every single day we are still updating lots, fixing lots of bug lots of bugs but I really would like to try it so please do. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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