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How To Clear Your Stuffy Nose | 3 Easy Face Yoga Exercises To Unclog For Easier Nose Breathing

8, 9, 10 as long as possible.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to clear your stuffy nose. This is so important for nose breathing, and I think if you're watching this video, you probably know the importance of nose breathing, but just quickly, let me explain. Health reason and beauty reason. For health reasons, when your nose breathes, there's a mucous membrane, some hair inside the nostril, that kind of thing, blocks as a filter from an unnecessary virus. So you will be healthier and no unnecessary virus doesn't go to the lungs. Well, that's a good thing. The other thing is that nitric oxide, nitric oxide is very, very effective to overall, um, improving your circulation in the body and the face. But a recent study says that nitric oxide may slow down the progression of COVID-19 and you do not get you do not produce nitric oxide from mouth breathing only from nose breathing.

That's why it's important. For beauty reasons. Oh my gosh. There are so many because your mouth is open this area is stretched. And when you close your mouth, you get jowl. I blame this jowl due to my long habits, long time habits that my mouth was open. Even though I was doing nose breathing my mouth was open. Oh my gosh. I didn't know that at that time I was super regret that. But anyway, then I get this jowl one, right? So not good. And also not just that, because you are probably your body postures like this here, it's constriction. Uh, it's really tight here and it's always pulling everything is connected. So it's like this down, this part is down and you might think it's good for lift up. No, because this one is overworking muscle up, up, up, up, always up. Right? And then you get this Botox line.So if you like this is worsens this lift up thing. Yup. Then you get more line here because it's like this you're stretching the neck unnecessarily for long, too long time. Aside from the exercise, exercise, exercise is only like quick. So it's not going to stretch the skin, but like this. And then you keep doing it when you're not stretched. You get Turkey neck or whatever neck creepy skin happens. Yeah. And then your face becomes, ah, cause ah, it's longer. And because you don't do nose breathing, this nostril muscle becomes sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, and they become bigger and bigger, bigger, bigger. So you get the bigger nostrils, so many bad side effects from not doing nose breathing. So today let's do three exercise to clear your nose.

Number one, first exhale. Then, when you inhale, I mean you don't inhale, you stop the breathing, you stop the breath and then pinch it like this, like this, like this, or like this like, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. As long as possible and then you keep the breathe. Stop the rest, pause the breath. And then pinch it then move around like up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down up side side, side, side, side, side, side side, or it could be like a 45 degree, 45 degrees. Don't go crazy because this is just for the nose. I don't want you to, um, damage your neck or any other areas just yeah, but just move around, but the good one is like this and then this one must, and then ta-da, what do you think?

Number two, shiatsu massage. So you choose which one I'm going to, we're going to do three things and you choose, which one works for you or you want to do two of them or you three of them up to you. But the other one is the shiatsu massage that I had already explained, but hold it. And then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. One Two three, four five six, seven eight, nine, ten. The last one, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. So one, two, three.

Last one is and then simply bring it down. Then down, three to five times down,I already, every time I do this. I like my nose starts, not bleeding but start running, because it's, it's really this way. We are trying to relax this muscle. And also, um, unnecessarily fluid wastewater fluid is sitting here and that becomes a, um, that nose bigger, which is a different story, different problem from the stuffy nose. But I, when I did this exercise on my YouTube and lots of people say that exercise PPP, this one, and this one really helps to create a stuffy nose. So I wanted to introduce that. So those are three exercises you can do. And I hope one of them, at least one of them works for you if you have a stuffy nose because it's so important to clear the nose for nose breathing. And as always, if you haven't got this yoga paper yet, please do so it's a free download on our website book is available. Yoga is available. AI Koko is available and the app started to produce not producing, uh, introducing a personalized exercise for your concerns. So you choose five, five concerns out of 10 selections 10 areas. And then we will give you exercise for your concerns so that you can easily continue. And I hope you will try. It's a free download so you can, yeah, you can try, even if you're not paid, users. That's good. Um, what else, if you have any app problems, please, please, please do email us because we want to fix it. We have to fix it. Um, this is a small company and we learn from you guys. So if you can let us know any problem, um, we really appreciate it. And not just that, but if you can comment or question or suggestion, new information, I so much learn from you guys I really appreciate it. I cannot, I cannot answer everything, but I really tried to answer on the video. So please keep commenting. And that's my motivation.

Thank you so much see you in the next video. Bye.
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