How To Create Agyo-Sal (Tiny Eye Bags) To Make Your Eyes More Defined, Look Bigger, Prevent Eye Bags

How To Create Agyo-Sal (Tiny Eye Bags) To Make Your Eyes More Defined, Look Bigger, Prevent Eye Bags

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to introduce three interesting effective exercise to create more agyo-sal so I hope I'm pronouncing okay I guess its Korean but not the thing about Korean people but that bump here in Japanese its namidabikro which means tear back so it's like there's a like a bump in below the eyes this is what we want to make ourselves look younger.

Like a half year ago I was in Japan I took another class face exercise and I learned that three places that all you should try to have more like a poor out in out in more bump on peppers not like here but above the eyebrows and not answer the eyelid upper eyelid and lower eyelid and this is a cupid ball this should be one two three should be like up in up in then up in this makes people look younger she said.

But today's video is about this about agyo-sal, so let's do it! First exercise, make peace like peace, like this upper index is on upper eyelid, I'm sorry lower , outer eyelid yeah that's the key that's what you want to lift up and then look slowly up then try not to move eyebrows and then up lower eyelid lift up down up down up down… yeah so why do we do this peace? One of the reason is to I wanna, I forgot to tell you, but I would like you to lift down a little bit bring it down just a little bit to bring more registers training, yeah so bring it down and up down and up down keep looking up 45 degree up without moving forehead or not causing forehead wrinkles with the uncertain wisdom without moving eyebrow right and then yeah just use this low eyelid muscle so bring it down and another reason that we put here is we wanna reduce tension because lot of tension is happening here and I have about happy to cause more wrinkle here so I'm preventing that also why do we do this here in addition to the resistance training this tells the brain that we are training outer muscle we are training not inner muscle or middle, but outer muscle, everything moved because it's connected but I like your brain to know that we are training this outer muscle so touching helps that so let's do it again.

5 to 10 times so a little bit down just not too much just a little bit down and look 45 degree up and lower eyelid lift up down up down up down up down up down this is very very very subtle subtle movement so yeah I don't you don't have to do dramatic it's very subtle movement because it's tiny muscle.

Number two, this exercise, it's the same thing we do peace and just a little bit down to give resistance but this time we look down so we look bring it down just look down and up down up or down by doing so looking down you can see the movement you should see some movement otherwise it's not moving so this is just a way to great way to see the movement because when you're looking up you can already see it so bring it down and up lower eyelid up down up down up down three four five to ten times.

Number three so we did the upper 45 degree up and down so now we're gonna look at that. I'm gonna use the mirror so that I'm not lifting up eyebrows to make sure that yeah so bring it down a little bit then lower eyelid up down up down… five to ten times.

Lower eyelid lift up is one of my favorite exercise because it's so multitasking, multi resolve generating exercise it's not just for a agyo-sal this the bump here but actually lifting up there so this is your eyeball and their fat around okay let's bring Joe, no Joe, it’s Bruce, Bruce yeah so there's an eyeball here right and then there's a fat around the eyeball this I've done bad on the upper eyelid stop break start sagging with Asian gravity in shorts eyebag so by lifting up this waking up this lower eyelid muscle this fat is gonna bring it back I mean up lift it up so you're gonna have less or no eyebag plus plus this hollow will be less, lots of people with age we're gonna get this hollow on eyelid which we don't want and this is great way to prevent that because we are bringing the fat up but the difference between agyo-sal and eyebag, is eyebag, it's more bigger one, agyo-sal is more smaller and when you have agyo-sal, your eyes look more defined and the more fresh because eye and agyo-sal is like a set one set and actually the eye eyebrow so this is gonna be one set so it's gonna look make your eye look bigger.

By the way I forgot to tell you guys but I'm going to Halloween event tonight that's why I'm wearing this and I think it's perfect it's kind of a related business event so I'm gonna pitch my try to introduce my face yoga exercise and the app business that's why I'm wearing this.

If you are interested in other exercises please make sure to visit my website Koko face to free download the yoga paper and the sugar oil and the book available there and app is we're still working on, oh my gosh so hard oh my gosh I don't know what to say I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you but we are working so hard every single day to fix a bugs and improving our AI feature than every day so please be patient, your patients will be highly highly highly appreciated. Thank you so much and I will keep it up. I keep you guys updated! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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