How To Create Cat Eyes | Lift Up The Outer Corners Of The Eyes By Face Yoga Exercises

How To Create Cat Eyes | Lift Up The Outer Corners Of The Eyes By Face Yoga Exercises

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to introduce a great exercise to create cat eyes. There are three points that you should always try to lift up corners of the eye which is the cat eye and cheek bone and corners of the mouth, one two three should be always up and then you automatically naturally look younger fresher and constant. I'm not saying you dog I it's bad and dog is cute too sometimes people do on on purpose especially younger people but in general kept eye is considered beautiful so let's do it.

First you gotta use fingers so you could like this hold it and then this side then try to wink wink wink wink but not just regular wink wink wink but when when you do it I would like you to be aware that you are training around this lower eyelid not just entire lower eyelid but more like outer here we are training this area to lift up so it's almost like if I exaggerate up up up up and not this part should not be moving so much off our finger though I think a lot lower hand should look a little bit moving let's try it again, wink wink wink yeah do you feel it this should build it if you don't feel it it's hard to feel it so the movement of that lift up here so on purpose let's try this time, up up not this much but just a little bit up and then don't use don't move your finger and let's wink but lift up.

This way we are training time the brain that we are training this lower eyelid outer corner of lower eyelid and then of course we want to have a smooth symmetrical face so let's do the other side I mean let's do this right so put your finger like this generally not playing or anything just touching to stabilize and then wink wink… if it's just a regular wink it's so hard to move here so I think it's actually it's better to lift up a little bit up up up up and then this time not move the fingers just try to lift up here then up up up it's hard for me to feel this part is moving but that's the most important thing that's up that's the area where training training to lift up when you weak if you are causing too many crow's feet use the finger to prevent the crow's feet and dance like so the upper finger and lower fingers are touching but that's okay as long as you feel this part is lifting up and then prevent the wrinkle here then let's try it, up up up up…. it's hard yeah it's really hard, up up up… to me like it's like really playing this muscle is sitting inside like out in out in but this is not a good example because this has lots of tension all the time it's easy to get tension from outside in but we want to do opposite from we want to train this outer muscles.

Actually I think it's better to do more slowly so let's do it again, slowly here, up, down, up down, yeah I figure if I do slowly, up, down, up, down, I feel yeah better to do slowly sorry if I was do if at the beginning I was doing it too fast so let's do it again then like this, up, down, up, down… I think this slow tempo is better.

I learned this technique last year in Japan from my Japanese instructor then I didn't really do it because I it was so hard to feel the movement and I wasn't sure but then recently I saw the same or very very similar technique from another chiropractor on a Japanese person was teaching it and then while two big authorities are doing it so why not I should work right so I'm gonna try it more.

Today I am in San Diego which is not where Los Angeles that I'm based in so I don't have the sugar oil kind of thing but I usually put it here, anyway, thank you very much for watching if you're interested in other exercises check my website Koko Face to free download the yoga paper, sugar oil book and app is launched so please check it out! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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