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How To Create Fuller Cheeks With Buccal Massage | Break Down Muscle Tension And Make Skin Elastic

Hi everyone! Today we're gonna do some exercise make all our cheeks a little bit more fuller. As you can tell we're gonna use their fingers and this is we're gonna do something like that it's called buccal massage ha I got this before this corona virus comes things happened because sometimes I use my finger to my fingers are inside of my client that's why I have this but now I'm using this when I go to supermarket for real but I'm not the only one so I don't people don't think I'm crazy.

Anyway we are going to do today some back oh my stars aka no no okay they'll use a finger to put it inside the mouth and doing massage aka buccal massage to make that thin area hollow a little bit more fuller from inside out make sure your fingers are clean they're not too long so round and then or left-hand glove like this see a dimple when some people when they smile they have really cute dimple here so target the dimple area on that from here and inside it's like a sandwich yeah [Music]

So what I’m doing like use upper teeth then one two three four five and the one two three four five making circles but when you move your fingers try to move only the inside on the inside, outside is just holding it inside is really really moving or only inside.

Let me show you how, so you see that this is a little bit moving but that's not no that's no because I'm I'm really trying to use more inside not outside it still moves outside but that's okay warning I already like this look this or like this you don't want to stretch don't stretch so that's the simple and the the rule is it's supposed to when you do it it's almost like closing your mouth, your mouth is supposed to be closed so it's kind of hard to do it like this it's it's hard to close your mouth by on you're doing this I just try to close it because you don't want to really stretch it when the skin is stretched to this way and then when the skin when the face is melted close that stretched area show us jaws or wrinkle or some unnecessary things you don't want to have.

So five areas that we're gonna do first one is here the dimple right and then one two three four five five areas start from the most important starting point which is a dimple area and then one two three four five but it's so hard to not to stretch them up lip lips so be careful let's do it. First one is a deeper area 1 2 3 4 5… and then a little bit deeper right here don't solve those some you don't us are just simply up the try to close your mouth like this you don't a stretch like this and then 1 2 3 4 5… and then here deeper and again you don't you don't have stretch so try to close 1 2 3 4 5… again don't do like this…. it's a lot of work but it's worth it because one of the cause of this hollow is that skin spinning that's one thing but the other thing is a blood circulation is bad it's worse than younger days which happens to everyone then you can do really massage from inside out doing massage from outside is good as well but this is from really literally inside out so that's my favorite.

In the past I used to teach yoga… but I don't do anymore I learned this exercise from other masters in Japan but no I don't do anymore I don't teach anymore because I realize that you wanna stretch skin here you wanna search only that is we are concerned about smile line this nasolabial line only here but no I don't do anymore so please don't stop doing it doing it I'm sorry but I keep learning new things that I keep improvement , improving my knowledge and skills and methods so right at this moment I don't do anymore with by using tongue it's a great massage from inside out but you don't want to stretch the skin but this one is not gonna stretch the skin because you're just really literally massaging it that's why I like this.

As we are on quarantine and you probably are taking it as well so I'm thinking about doing some really cool fake yoga with you guys so if you are interested in being on this YouTube channel and together with me we're gonna use zoom and it's only like 10 or 15 minutes very very quick one only one problem, we're out no problem, one exercise with a person the participant and then he or she will be next to me virtually of course and then we're gonna fix we're gonna try to do some good exercise for your constants and then the filming is gonna be published in public published on YouTube and everywhere so you have to be okay with that but if you’re okay sign up information in description below so check it out and as always if you haven't get this paper yet this is Koko face free download and this is a book and the sugar oil. Thank you very much for watching! See you in the next video! Happy quarantine bye!
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