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How To Create Fuller Lips By Face Yoga Exercise | No Filler

Today I'm going to talk about how to create fuller lips. This is one of the classic exercises that my favorite and I still do not every day but I try to do because I'm concerned about fuller lips so every time I look to lipstick or something I notice mine my lips are thinner than before something like that and I do it.

First let's relax, relax and then first smile and try to press upper lip and lower it as tight as possible like like this like really… but there's some point when you do I don't want it to create tension I'm going to actually forget about lower lip, worry about, conscious about the upper lip only and forget about lower lip because you don't want to train the lower lip you don't have to really try to help the fuller lower lip because if you have a fuller lower lip and a thinner upper lip which is kind of for everyone but then the people pay attention to more lower side here and then your face looks longer which is not good, with aged face looks longer because everything is not sagging so you don't have more tension on the lower side you want to have more tension on the upper side so you don't really have to try to do anything about the lower lip, lower lip just leave as is and goodbye that's it! You want to train the upper lip you want to build muscle mass on the upper lip only, the way you do is a do it, do that but try really try to move really try to press really train the upper lip only and fingers support so use a finger and try to lift at the corners of the mouth a little bit up… but forget about the lower chin and forget up at the lower lip focus only upper lip and corners of the mouth are a little bit tiny smile mmm… then testicles so another tip so when you do it really try to have a tension on the corners, upper corners of the mouth upper corners of the mouth instead of inner, inner it's easy to have tension outer it's not easy that's why I'd like you to put your finger if you can if you're driving or something you cannot do it that that's okay but if you can use finger using it to support that corners of the mouth it's a little bit up… and telling the brain that we are trading this area touching helps so let's do first to relax and then let's do ten seconds…[Music]

Recently, recently I keep doing this the reason why I keep this when I teach in in public and I inhale, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10… stop it like this I do this all the time but now everything is online I don't teach in front of many people anymore so I know that too but I teach online so I know that to make it more interesting I started doing like this, like this.

Also if you are concerned about asymmetrical it this is a great exercise so make sure you have a mirror in front of you and when you do it really try to make it symmetrical as possible and then do the ten seconds. If you are concerned about thinner lips or asymmetrical lip and this is a great exercise I recommend three to five times per day no more than that that's a maximum and each one is ten seconds. So let's do it again everyone together first relax and then slowly upper lip and lower lip as tight as possible oh one thing I won't forget to tell you inside the mouth upper teeth and lower lip. I cannot speak English today. Upper teeth and lower teeth should not be touching, should not be touching. If touching creating tension you don't have tension in here you wanna have attention on the upper lip only so try to have a little bit gap just very very little one millimeter or something like that's very less than one millimeter maybe very little little little gap in between otherwise you cause tension you get bad TMJ pain or something like that so try to relax all the face just the upper lip so let's do it.

Slowly upper lip and lower lip…. that’s it and then reduce the tension we reduce the lactic acid same thing at the body exercise you do some exercise…ughh….ah… all the lactic acid that's actually accumulated and then release…ha… lactic acid is all over the body same thing otherwise it's a you get it unnecessary cody in Japanese muscle tension, muscle rock so we need to we need to release the tension so just one time.

By the way I'm thinking about doing grunting face yoga, koko face yoga with me, with you actually so what do you think about this, let me know in the comment below but if are you guys interested in doing some this video zoom so my face and your face and then we do face yoga session and it's gonna be like 10 minutes or 15 minutes it's very quick quick version but then we'll film it and publish on YouTube. If you are interested in the program it standing on published it's gonna be published on our social media and YouTube everything so you cannot be shy, your face is gonna be shown on the camera but if you are up to it please let me know smile at Koko face @ yoga com and I'm thinking about trying some oh yeah new things because we are stuck at home I mean in LA we've been here like weeks so I wanted to do something new, right? so let's do it!

So if you’re interested, email me, email us smile at Koko face @ and let's talk! As always this is the yoga paper which you can download free download on our website Koko face and the book and the sugar oil is available there so check it out! Thank you so much! oh also app is available. certification course is available as well! Thank you so much! See in the next video! Bye!
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