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How to drink

Today, I will discuss the proper way to drink in our Koko Face Yoga method, which emphasizes correct facial muscle movement for daily activities. Let's start by addressing a common mistake, leaning forward and sticking out the chin while drinking, causing tension in the chin and restricting blood circulation. This tension can lead to asymmetry sagging, and other undesirable effects. Instead, let's focus on a better approach to prevent aging and maintain good posture. We have two levels, level one and level two, with the latter being more advanced.

1. Level one

There are two simple steps to follow. First, instead of leaning towards the cup, bring the cup towards you while maintaining good posture with a straight head, neck, spine, and butt, whether you're standing or sitting. Second, practice mewing while swallowing by ensuring your tongue fully touches the palate with a slight suction like sensation. This correct tongue posture during swallowing helps maintain the benefits even after you have finished drinking. Level one focuses on these two steps, bringing the cup to yourself and practicing mewing while swallowing.

2. Level two

Now let's proceed to level two, which is a more advanced version for those seeking a challenge. In step one, maintain good posture and bring the cup to yourself instead of leaning towards it, as in level one. Step two requires a subtle change in drinking technique to reduce tension. Instead of engaging the entire orbicularis oris muscle, try a slight smile while drinking to alleviate unnecessary chin tension. Remember not to drink a large amount of water at once to avoid spills. Step three focuses on the upper lip and philtrum area. Train yourself to use predominantly the upper lip while drinking, as this can help enhance the fullness of the upper lip and prevent excessive elongation of the philtrum. This step might be challenging but has yielded positive results for me. In step four, continue practicing mewing by ensuring your tongue fully touches the palate while expanding it to the sides, which helps lift the cheek area and promote facial symmetry. Finally, in step five, emphasize a soft swallow technique to avoid creating vertical lines and swallows in the neck area. Pay attention to maintaining good posture and minimizing neck movement during the swallow. To summarize, level two consists of five steps: bringing the cup to yourself, a subtle smile while drinking, emphasis on the upper lip, mewing with tongue expansion, and practicing a soft swallow technique.


In conclusion, the Koko Face Yoga method offers two levels of exercises for improving facial muscle movement during drinking. Level one focuses on bringing the cup to yourself while maintaining good posture and practicing mewing during swallowing. Level two, the advanced version, introduces additional steps to reduce tension and enhance specific areas of the face, such as the upper lip and cheek muscles. It emphasizes a subtle smile while drinking, using the upper lip, mewing with tongue expansion, and implementing a soft swallow technique. By following these steps, you can promote better facial posture, prevent unnecessary tension, and potentially enhance facial features. Whether you choose level one or level two, incorporating these techniques into your daily routine can contribute to improved facial muscle function and overall facial aesthetics.

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