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How To Drink By Moving Facial Muscles Correctly | Reduce Chin Tension And Lift Up The Skin

Tension in here in this sleeping area to develop more sleep, uh, cheek muscle, especially when you swallow.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about the, how to drink by using the facial muscles correctly, because I love teaching how to move facial muscles correctly for daily facial activities, such as drinking. And so we're going to do drinking and the next step. So we're going to do how to eat and how to smile, how to breathe, how to rest your face when your face is not doing anything or those kinds of things. Those are very, very important. I believe those are way more important than exercises. Exercises are important as well, but that's only like three to five minutes per day in total. So if you're doing a bad way of, if you're moving your facial muscles incorrectly, you're going to see good results. So today let's talk about how to drink water. I mean, it doesn't have to be water, but how to move your facial muscles when you drink. So let's do the regular one. Like your one is like this[inaudible] no, because every time I'm doing this, you're like, eh, and then sticking out your chin. Ooh, an overbite. And then Corrine. Yeah. So that's not good.

This lower chin area is an overworking muscle. There are two kinds of muscles, sleeping muscles and overworking the working muscle. Do you know that? Um, if you don't know the difference, check out the videos, overworking muscle sleeping muscle kind of thing. Um, but anyway, this is a working muscle. It's always overworking now. down, down, down, down So the more you activate this, you're going to get one job. Get Vanessa Lavia online, the overbite, or, uh, saggy you on saggy skin. Everything, because it's being this area's P pulling down, down, down. So three steps.

Number one, when you drink, don't do like a loop going to an overbite. Gonna, yeah, you don't want to stick our chin, tuck your chin. And then a little bit smaller amount. If you drink a lot of water,[inaudible]you know that to prevent the spilling. I have to use a lot of muscles in here. So if it's possible, try to drink a little bit smaller amount so that you don't really have to do like, Ooh, Ooh. And then yeah, the more, the bigger amount you drink, you have to use more muscle here. So I like, I mean, I cannot do every time, but I, really try to drink a little bit of water so that I don't have to use this muscle so much. That number one, tip number two. So when you drink, Mmm, a little bit of a tiny smile because you don't want to do this just more so in a causal wrinkle.

So number two is a little bit tiny smile. It's I know it's weird. And if you drink a lot of water, you're going to spill it. So be careful if you're practicing with me right now,[inaudible]tiny smile, always so that you reduce attention and use more tension in here in this sleeping area to develop more slate, uh, cheek muscle.

Number three, when you swallow the water, this is your upper teeth. This is your throat. The tongue is sucking up, especially when you swallow, see the, see the movement. So when you swallow, if you don't have water or if you don't have anything to drink, you can just use a swallow. But if you have water, that's more, better, but Oh, that's it. So those are three steps.

Let's review again. Number one is a smaller amount. And the don't don't do like this. Yeah, because yeah, if you do small amounts, you don't really have to do like this.So smaller amounts and tuck your chin number two little bit tiny smile. Yeah. Instead of run a bit tiny, small, and then number three, his tongue is really sticking up, sucking up when you swallow this way, every time you swallow, you're already doing some, a neck training, neck toning exercise without not saying my next step episode So we're going to talk about how to eat food by using the muscles correctly for beauty purpose. So please stay tuned if you're interested in it, and actually we updated this yoga paper. So check it out again, just visit my website and also we started AI Koko. So you can ask her any questions and if AI cannot answer, we will answer. I will answer. So, um, please try it and cause we need more questions to create a more database, and yeah. Anyway, just visit the website to free download that you have a paper book and the sugar oil as usual and see on the next video.

Thank you. Bye.
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