How To Drink Without Causing Tension (Wrinkles) In The Chin

How To Drink Without Causing Tension (Wrinkles) In The Chin

Hi everyone, today I'm going to talk about how to drink something without causing tension in the chin. About chain tension some people might not have it some people might have it I have it so that's a bad habit every time your face is resting, when you're drinking when you're talking or something if you have a tension in the chin this overworking muscle starts overwork more which is worse and then stop sagging pulling down, everything is being pulled down because of this overworking muscle then you get more jawls, sagging, laugh line in marionate line so many bad things happen if this over working muscle is still over working like me so this is a good reminder and advice for myself as well.

One thing I really would like you to do is when your face is resting not drinking or anything but when your face is resting easy trick to reduce tension is tiny smile just a little bit tiny smile so you get more tension in the upper area instead of lower which works for me so I have been aware this bad habit room for improvement for the past few years and I've been doing it when my face is resting which is good for me working but every time I drink something I I tend to do like, let me see…

See the tension? the wrinkles here so duck face, duck lip, is fine but I mean if you can do the duck lip this without causing wrinkle here without causing tension that's great I'm so jealous on you because that's what I need to do, we'll be able to do in the future in the near future hopefully but I I still cannot do it, I when I do just I cause a wrinkle this is not good so I was trying to find a solution, I met an instructor in Japan and she her book said that when you drink something try to duck lip only by using a upper lip and forget about the chin but that's hard for me because if I don't do anything in the chin, the water drop so that doesn't work for me so I was trying to find a way to fix it and then yeah…

So that's the solution that I'm gonna talk about today, when you drink something use… kind of try to do the duck lip on the low upper upper upper lip that's good but rather than that's important but in addition I like you to make tiny smile when you drink. It's like Beaver face inside them here… [Music] something like that so by doing this you cannot drink a lot of water if you drink a lot of water and do that you're gonna spill you got the water is gonna drop so be careful this one only this one is possible only when you drink less amount not too much big amount but a little bit of amount of water but some kind of a drink so let's try again… It's hard when it's hard to keep smiling when you drink but by doing so I can tell I can feel that this tension is totally reduced or it's gone which is good and another thing about this trick good thing about this trick is when you drink you reduce tension with you that's one thing right and the second thing is when you swallow drink the time should be sucked the back of the tongue should be really sucked to the palate right? and if you keep smiling when you smile swallow it's easier to do that instead of not smiling yeah so please try it.

I think if you ever have been watching this video which means your interesting face yoga maybe you about you know about the mooing that's stacking back up all the time should be sucking every time your face is resting and every time you swallow something right? and if you keep smiling it's easier to do please try it.

So that's my tip of the day if you are concerned about chin tension please try to drink with this technique just keep tiny smile and try to use more upper lip instead of low and then when you swallow keep the smile smiling position so that you can really feel that sucking, back of the tongue is sucking up.

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