How To Eliminate Forehead Line And Wrinkles Above Eyebrows By Facial Yoga Exercises

How To Eliminate Forehead Line And Wrinkles Above Eyebrows By Facial Yoga Exercises

Hi everyone, today I'm going to introduce a new exercise to reduce or prevent or eliminate or kill completely kill forehead lines and also not just that, some small tiny but annoying lines above eyebrows.

Just quick summary why we get more lines here and this one here too so with age, eye muscle here start deteriorating, it gets weaker so when we open our eyes or look up or something like that we, this because this is weak we tend to use depend on more, forehead muscle or eyebrow muscle if the eyebrow muscles up, very likely that you have a forehead wrinkle as well because this is so close and it connected. So it's important to train this forehead and train this eye muscle first in order to prevent this muscle, make sense?

I did before a great video to do opus, quin opus with this exercise, this is like a must like a basic one so please do if you haven't watched it please check the link and coz this is more like additional, today's exercise more like additional what's the word, advanced version.

Let’s do it, the theory is same so show me your forehead and use your finger and then so use the finger to freeze the forehead and then again same thing as the basic exercise but pinkies are on eyebrow this is very important because we gonna this time instead of opus, quin opus, this time we're gonna look up down up down up down or something like that so let's do it in pinkies oh, on eyebrow again because during the repetition of during the eye ball movement, eyebrows should not move at all. That's the key if you, if the eyebrows are moving you'll be using this muscle, eyebrow muscle which is not good, I'd like you to only use this over to on securing eyed muscle only so that's why pinkies pink - the own eyebrow to make sure that it's not moving so let’s do it.

First, relax and then slowly the look up but you should not feel the movement of eyebrows it should be very very little or almost nothing. I mean when I do it, I feel I brow, I mean eyeballs are moving but not eyebrow. Up and then down then slowly slowly is a key if you do too fast it's like just bouncing at it you don't really feel enough training so slowly slowly slowly slowly up… but eyebrows are not moving to make sure yeah and then down….slowly down…. Okay I'm tired already and let's do one more time slowly ah eyebrows no moving but eyeballs are moving up more higher and then slowly down, whew I'm tired already.

Okay, so let's do this time 45 degree up and down and up and down let's do that. So look, look 45 degree up but eyebrows are not moving right? and then look down then this slowly eyebrows no moving but 45 degree up and down okay, also this time let's do like this half saco, game? Eyebrows are not moving right? so look 45, 90 degree and then slowly up…. and then make saco… eyebrows are not moving… slowly and then slowly slowly up… and then let’s do one more round, and slowly up, only eyeballs and anywhere else is not moving and last one… woo… I'm sweating…

How was it? We are so tired but this is a great way to train only this eye muscles it's important to target it's important to move that target is muscle only when you do exercise that's a key, also why do we have to look down because if you just do that up up up up it's, it's it's easier if you look down and up it's like, what's the word it's like this, I don't know how to explain but by doing on peppers down and up that helps to go up harder and harder the higher yeah so as a human nature or something like that I heard of I've heard of it so that's why I need to say look down and up not just up up up at the look down and up this is key and this 45 degree and down then half this…

Interesting other exercises check my website Koko face to free download, the yoga paper and the book sugar oil and our app is gonna come soon so please stay tuned sign up for the information in the description below and in a comment bellow, so see you in the next video. Thank you so much! Bye!
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