How To Find Which Eye Is Your Dominant Or Non-Dominant | Why You Should Know For Symmetrical Eyes

How To Find Which Eye Is Your Dominant Or Non-Dominant | Why You Should Know For Symmetrical Eyes

Hi everyone, today I'm going to introduce how to identify which eye is your dominant eye and which one is not.

Like our hand we have a dominant eye and non non dominant eye and it's important to know which one it is because if you're concerned with beauty because the dominant eye which is on the right eye on my side by the way a lot of times right hand people, have right hand dominant but that's all it always a case that's why we're gonna do find out later but before that I wanted to talk about why it's important to know because a lot of because this eye is dominant in general, this eye is over working and this one is less working so what happened is that the tension is more accumulated in this side and we get more wrinkle for example this small one I have more wrinkle here than this one because this is dominant that's one thing and because it's I get so much fatigue for blood circulation then you might get more dark circle or eye bag or any bad yeah like a hooded eye or eyebrows that sagging or actually my case it's a little bit up it depends on the person and the facial expression habit but lots of lots of anti aging, no no, aging symptoms and it's metrical eye situation happens because we keep using the same eye, a dominant eye over and over.

So if you know which one is dominant in which one's not you can kind of try to treat the dominant eye more than don't non dominant one so that you become more the eyes more symmetrical and aging symptom is reduced.

So let's find out which one is which, so first use your finger like this and make angle and find something find them some kind of object in a distance very far distance yeah find it yeah and then the distance is inside the circle like like this I have something in there so I'm looking at like this and then slowly slowly reduce the size of the circle like by crossing both their hands like this both eyes are open right now right and looking up like this then then close the right eye actually I'm sorry close the left I first left eye first and then I'm looking at the object by opening only the right eye which is my dominant and then reverse I'm in the other side close the right eye and then the object disappear in my case if that's the case because I'm looking at the left side so left eye is non-dominant and right eye like eye is dominant so the point is if the item does not change the distant position is still inside the circle and then the eyes looking at the the same position is your dominant right so you close the left eye and you're using only the right eye and still the same position and that's your dominant make sense?

So now what I would like to know which one which side was not your dominant eye please comment in the description below not the description the comments section below coz I would like love to know I heard that in general if you're right-handed you might have right hand right is dominant but it's not always the case so I'm just curious because we find out which one is dominant my side is the right side so then when you do face shiatsu what any beauty treatment on the eye area you can work on the dominant eye more the less dominant non-dominant I'm to make it more symmetrical and and then yeah remove reduce or slow down aging process on the right dominant side.

In my next video I'm gonna explain what kind of a treatment what kind of exercise on face yet the technique you can do to reduce the stress and in relaxing the muscle on dominant I so that we get more symmetrical eyes so please stay tuned.

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