How To Fix Angry Eyebrow For Symmetrical Eyebrows | Make Eyebrows More Symmetrical

How To Fix Angry Eyebrow For Symmetrical Eyebrows | Make Eyebrows More Symmetrical

Hi everyone! Today's video is going to be how to, in previous one I did how to lift up eyebrow so today this one is going to be how to bring it down lift it down is there such a word I don't know but bring the eyebrow just a little bit down so that we become, we have more symmetrical eyebrows.

This exercise is great for angry eyebrows, so what is angry eyebrow is like really like a witch and ppppp and suddenly up and down and this happens often if you have Botox in the wrong spot and even not just that or like if you are always angry or something keep using the right dominant eye or something like that in happens if you do like that ah… motion and I cannot do this there are so many people who can do this but they use only one, not wig but only one side ah.. ah.. ah.. and if you keep doing that it's always up up up motion right so this part becomes up and this is down so you get asymmetrical eyebrows which we're gonna fix it so please stay tuned if you're interested in it.

Basically we're gonna meet Bruce again yeah so in my previous one we did how to lift it down no not lift up eyebrow and we did this part right? bring it up so this one is going to bring it down the bone here by doing scalp massage but there's a point so you see this is a blue and drain line right this area is the gap there's a gap in between those two panels and this can be loose with age and face become bigger unfortunately so we want to tighten it we want to stick we want to give stimulus, we want to add some stimulation here so that it gets more tightened here so the point is we're gonna bring it so my case, mine is this one right so this one is more up so I want to bring it down so we cannot do like this exercise cause there's an eyebrow, eyeball here so we're gonna actually bring it down down down down down motion by doing a scalp massage and the point is you're gonna kind of really touched here this area because we want to add stimulation here to tighten it so lets it's like this not like this or not like this but like this here on the angry to lifted eyebrow air to lifted eyebrow side so you don't do this here no no actually my side is it's so hard to do this because of my rib it's reversed on the camera right side left side is reversed so I do this right so because this is more lifted so I'll do this one so bring it down down down here this one this area okay let's do it!

First we need to find where the line between blue and green, so it's like this here is a line right hairline and then it's like two centimeter, I want one inch down so you should do like this pppp pppp baby slowly and there's a point that there's like a dent dent? bump no bump opposite of bump like hall no hole but what's the opposite of bump dent area so if you do like slowly like this and there's a bump not bump but dent area so that's that here so we're gonna knock all the way because we wanna I'm gonna work on this area because I want to bring it down this eyebrow down so here ppppp… and dent area then down down down down down down down I'm right-handed so it's easier for me to do so, down down down down down down down down down let's do three minutes, three two one so that's the dent area and then just bring it down so but the point is you're moving this area to uhmm ziggazaggazoo exact but try to bring it down to relax because in general facial expressions we are always doing like ah ah.. and always up up up motion, so we wanna relax that by massaging here! Yep!

So let's do three minutes I noticed that instead of doing like this is easier from a front it's easier so up to you but the point is you want to bring it down down down down down and then you could do like not just the one area but a little bit to the side as well but always try to bring it down down down yep it's getting hot. This is easier actually.

Okay that's three minutes, I'm tired so what do you think of my eyebrow is it more symmetrical than before hmm I don't know still a little bit up but maybe a little bit more symmetrical what do you think?

Scalp has so many acupoints kind of everywhere so it's good to do like everywhere as well but if you care where is the point, where is the gap and then it will be more effective to have more lift up or lower, lowering eyebrow or so many great effects so when you do face massage or scalp massage, please think about this line here from novel.

By the way I wanted to send you my gratitude this year to support me so far and I have I was able to accomplish so many great things thanks to your support and really appreciate like this year happened Kim Kardashian, Keeping Up with a chemical Kardashian in the shark tank and so many great things happen so many challenging things happen as well but I'm still alive and I'm still trying to move on because of your support I really appreciate thank you so much and if you're more nice person please sign up my class at the yoga Expo because I'm trying to build the number of the sign up so that I’m move at the biggest room of the yoga's for the exponents fear no commitment knows our free signup so anyone can do it and it's in the description below and also if you haven't got my yoga paper yet please check my website Koko face to free download and the yoga paper and the book is somewhere I don't know where it is but anyway you know where is it you know my birth right so thank you so much I'm actually going to Amsterdam next week which is so exciting and actually this week in a week so that's a new project that I'll be announcing soon so stay tuned! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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