How To Fix Asymmetrical Face

How To Fix Asymmetrical Face

Assess Asymmetry in the Face:

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to introduce one only one body exercise to fix asymmetrical face. First of all if you are concerned about a symmetrical face please watch my video, 7 Bad Habits to Cause Asymmetrical Face that's so important in fix those bad habits and in addition I would like to introduce new exercise but not body, face exercise, but body exercise and there are many exercises you can do like pilates or their good posture or so many things you can do because body position face wash your face asymmetrical face so related but if you have to do if you want to do only one because you don't have time to do so many things and then please keep watching.

First of all let's assess which side is more sagging and which side is more up so check your corners of the eyebrow, corners of the eye cheek, corners of the mouth and the chin or saggy cheeks of many areas, check your mirror and it's very normal that for example this is up but this is this is down or something like there it's not always the same on this the one either either side but you might have like either side is more like in general it's more sagging in the other one is more up or something like that.

Also today we're going to do body exercise so use your finger to like here to like this and then move both I try not to move the the hip I'm mean the butt waist waist area stable the waist area just move like this and then don't don't do like this this is be accurate assessment so spine straight shoulder down and then tuck your chin and then just simply move to the both side and see which one is easier to move to me this is harder and maybe this is easier yeah see which one is harder in general in general this is for in general box if you are like this side is easier it can be likely this side is hanging and if this is more easier and then this might be sagging because your spine is straight like not straight the carbs are like like this so let's see so let's say this side is sagging and this size is more up and then very likely that your the your spine is like curved like this right so you do more this movement so slowly one two but because you wanna you wanna lift up the here so do more here stronger here a little bit deeper and then um too slowly then one two maybe two more five times in total yeah the point is the muscle we are doing moving the muscle here next to the spine.

In summary if this part is sagging very likely that your you'll do like this your spine is like this but like this right so like this see see curve so you wanna do more this side but ideally you should do both side and do that we come on harder or do that um yeah this it's hard oh my gosh it's so hard to do in front of this camera because I'm using my computer Mac webcam and webcam shows right side and left side on the opposite I'm sorry about that I don't have the proper camera that's why.

Next step is more deeper so you move the more outer corner of the back.

Last step if you want to be challenged more if you want to make things more effective you can do like this in like this then the same thing but try to move the, the outer of the outer muscle in the back so this side in my case I do more here yep like this like this harder and deeper yep it's really good stress though.

I didn't want to confuse you but in general so let me talk let me summarize again if this part is tugging you are doing like this probably so do that the opposite opposite one do the stretch the curved muscle more like by doing this so if your this part is more sagging and this is more up and then your you are originally doing it like this right so you do more opposite part make sense? But ideally you should do both and do that carved one more and deeper and stronger.

Interesting in other exercises check my website Koko face to free download, yoga paper and the book sugar oil and app is already launch, already launched! Oh my gosh I cannot speak and I'm so tired I'm so sorry um… app is already launched by the time this video is posted. I think so, please check my website as well! Thank you so much! See you on the next video! Bye!
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