How To Fix Asymmetrical Face That Is Tilting To A Side. Chin Is Tilting, One Shoulder Is Up, Etc

How To Fix Asymmetrical Face That Is Tilting To A Side. Chin Is Tilting, One Shoulder Is Up, Etc

Hi everyone today I'm going to work on asymmetrical asymmetrical face like this.

Even if you just say asymmetrical face there are so many patterns so this is just one of them and I'm I plan to do more in the coming episodes but for now I mean for today I just had the hair color and a hair change a little bit and it's in the process of gray ombre so I don't like this so much yet but in four weeks it will be better so please bear with my hair it's not so anyway this one so this is just one of the many many a symmetrical patterns.

So let's talk about that this one is like a little bit more design the shoulders are more like this yeah so the neck is more like this if I exaggerate right? and then chin is more to this side right? this side so the mouth is more up everything is tilted to this side so yeah mouth is it yeah if I chew talk like this of course that my corners of the eye, corner of the eyebrow, corner of the mouth, everything is up here but this is more like to this side bottom so this is one of the typical asymmetrical face so let's fix this.

Number one neck stretch this is kind of really basic super important because the cause of this is happening it's basically this this this one right? yeah, this one so we need to fix this this one to front so let's do it.

First relax your body, spine straight shoulder down you cannot do this if you like this or like this or like this or like this, cannot do that so it's very important to have good posture first and then slowly tilt.

Use your fingers if you can, then like this and if you cannot use finger that's fine too but finger helps to lift it down lift it up here so like this and you don't want to do like this you wanna like this just like straight but tilt 45-degree feel the good stretch here because that's important then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

One tip, I mean warning is that I did like one time did like 30 seconds or 1 minute or 3 minute I forgot how long it was too long you know when I came back it was so painful so don't do over 10 seconds, 10 seconds maximum but not just one time the more the better to some extent so let's let's do it again, yeah, so not like this not like this yeah, good spine straight shoulder down then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and then slowly come back I don't want to do suddenly come back and then you might hurt the neck they're very important because one time I had neck pain it was so annoying yeah I never had that big pain it was last year and it was really killing me so I really don't want you to have neck pain so please please please be careful and let's do one more time so three to five times per day but I'm gonna just do three times for the purpose of YouTube so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten [Music] slowly come back.

Next one as we drill it this area let's talk about let's do about the touch him with the chiropractic technique so I think it's coming I'm exaggerating but this is burst and the chin is to this side right? this side so no no no no I'm sorry this side this side so it's like this if I could saturate I don't want to break it I don't it's like there so you need to break back in straight so that the center of the like here's the center of the upper teeth and center of the lower teeth is aligned straight so check your mirror which one is tilted in your case? and it used two fingers like this so it's like this so you want to tilt the back like this so it's like use your palm here and then press to this side to bring it back and the other one is like here like like so this is like 45 another step sorry this is like 45 degree yeah like this and then straight your head, like this then head, put your head on your butt not like this not like this so straight your head and then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, it's a really big this amount it's big pressure. Let’s do it again because I think my head was not straight it's hard to say on the mirror so I'm gonna check my mirror here, so like this head straight then one two three four, when you're doing your mouth should be slightly open because you don't wanna have any tension here so 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, relax and then last time three times so third time then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, like this and check your mirror and then if then lower teeth and upper teeth is align, I hope so.

Last one is neck massage which you can do when you are in uber or something when when you are waiting for something instead of doing fun like this you could do this exercise I mean massage exercise and why does this why does neck matter for asymmetrical face because body is like foundation of your face. Face is attached to the body so if the body is is very asymmetrical of course you're gonna get you're gonna get asymmetrical face and the thing about this is when because of lots of phone use or lots of I don't know asymmetrical behavior and bad posture, our neck is messed up, in general so we know we want our time to time I really do in one every time I uber,I tried to do some neck exercise but my new favorite that I learned recently is this.

So this is your neck and there's a bone and there's a two big muscle here one and two and it's really stuck to that roots so you want to really like like this in from bottom up one two three four five and try to like kind of scrape scrape to release the fossa like one two three four five, again, one two three four five. This is my favorite exercise lately.

Again everything is connected because this is there some neck I mean spine and neck shoulder and there's a big skull here skull and then forehead then eyebrows are hanging, eye and lip and no lip, but chin and lip so if this part is stiff not elastic enough and then which is coming from neck and then you got, gonna you're gonna have it less elastic forehead and then you get the estimate like beam the beam things happen so it's very important to do some massage technique and the thing about faces you cannot really do face massage when you are in uber right so that's why and you're wearing makeup or something so you cannot just mess up plus you have to use fingers you have to wash your finger when you do before you do massage facial massage but if it's just the neck I don't think you need to be really careful worried about them, clean finger on the neck I guess so that's why I like doing this and I keep doing it recently all the time.

So three things we did for this version of the asymmetrical face to the hay which was the first one is this massage, no massage but the stretch yeah ten seconds maximum and then three times three to five times each day don't do more than ten seconds from my I'm telling you because of my bad experience and the number two was this thing chiropractic, ten seconds and also the last one was this neck massage release the fascia by scraping like one two three four five.

If you’re interested in the other exercises I have lots of tutorials on our channel and this is a new location so it's hard to do but there's a face yoga paper there oh my gosh there's a big mirror and it's really talking attacking there so I need to change the setting, anyway, that’s a book, free download from Koko and the sugar oil and the book and our app is available as well, so please check it out just search Koko, ko ko face yoga. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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