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How to Fix Droppy Nose

This guy is overacting. So it's dropping down, down, down from nostril. [inaudible] The other thing you can do in addition to this is stretching.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to fix droopy nose. Today's tip is inspired by one of our followers. G! Thank you so much. What I learn from G is depressor septi nasi muscle. The reason why you get droopy nose is this guy is overacting. So it's dropping down, down, down from nostril, then you get droopy nose. So if you wanna have medical solution, some people might do botox or even cut the muscle. But if you wanna to do natural solution by face yoga, keep watching. Very simple let's just reduce the tension, Because that tension in the muscle is a problem that dropping down, so you want to relax it. So use a finger and then relax the muscle massage to the side. And then down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down. You might not want to drop down, because you're concerned about droopy nose, but it's necessary to relax this muscle. So it's okay. It's necessary to drop down on purpose, but like up and down, up and down, and just try to just massage relax.

My recommendation is one minute and one to three minutes, maximum three minutes per day, but it's better to do little by little, throughout a day to relax the tension instead of three minutes in the morning only. I mean, it's better than nothing it's effective if you do on a regular basis, but if you wanna have really good result and faster result. I suggest you do it quickly, um, maximum one min, one minute, per one set and then do like three times per day, or it could be like, whatever you notice, whenever you have time, just do it. Or every time you go to restroom, you do this, you do this and pee or poop. Make it a habit. That's the key for success. The other thing you can do in addition to this is stretching. So when you stretch, um, I don't like this so much because it can stretching out the philtrum and the longer philtrum, but if it's short time it's okay.

And if you're concerned about nostril it's okay. I mean the bigger, not the, nostril but the droopy nose, and then you really need to stretch this to reduce the tension. So in addition to the massage, and then you come. In order, in order to more stretch, you can do stretch here, but look up instead of don't use your forehead muscle. Only eye muscle is, is only eyeball [inaudible] instead of using the eye, uh orbicularis oculi or eyebra, uh, no brown, eyebrow muscle or forehead. Don't use anything else just the eyes up. And then, stretching and then. Oh, oh like three minutes, three seconds. Don't do. I don't like doing long time, by the way, I just got burned. So that's why it heals soon, but don't do it too long time, maybe three seconds maximum per set. And, um, I don't like many times because there's a risk of stretching the philtrum too long.

But if you're concerned about droopy nose, you can try that too. Just don't do it too long, three seconds maximum. This is a new massage technique. So I really like you to try it and let me know if you have any good result or no change or anything. Please comment in below. I read everything. I cannot answer everything, but I do read them. If you haven't got our app yet, please try. It's a free download, kokofaceyoga just search on app store or Google play and the free download for face yoga paper. AI Koko is available for question and see you in the next video. Thank you so much bye.
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