How To Fix Underbite/Protruding Jaw (Chin) | How To Chew, Swallow, Face Posture, Etc

How To Fix Underbite/Protruding Jaw (Chin) | How To Chew, Swallow, Face Posture, Etc

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to introduce some great tips to fix, look this over right or over what so and over chin if the chin is a little big forward and the teeth at lower teeth is forward I don't know how to say this one this one is going over right right and then this one I don't know over chin or something like that you know what it is right so let's do it.

First thing, you should be careful about your body posture because probably if you have this forwarding chin and the forwarding lower teeth symptom, you might be doing like this hunched-over posture and if this happens it's very likely that you might be doing it like this. I guess, so when this happens when you are doing a computer at least it's happening to me too so this is a good reminder for myself as well. Look at this and then you get more up this is your like default setting posture of course you're gonna get more forwarding chin and the teeth as well so first thing please pick up about your body posture so spine straight shoulder down straight, not this, like down and then head is on your butt. Place your head heavy head on your butt yeah not here but put it up up up backward a little bit and put it on your head on your butt. So tuck your chin just a little bit yeah that's point two.

Another thing is because you're doing this posture this part, back of the neck is shrink it's like really tense because of this what's the word opposite of stretched this part is stressed but this part is like shriek because of this right so it's better to do some massage and yeah so whatever you have time when you're in waiting for your friends or in restroom or something just do some massage here too to prevent so because if this muscle back of the neck is loose and then you don't feel like you have to do this so it's important to relax this muscle as well.

Speaking of massage, in addition to do this you can do massage on here on the chin as well because the chin is supporting and it's very likely that you're you're using overarching muscle here to overwork so it's important to just relax whenever you have time again.

Other interesting tip which I learned recently, I didn't know this is what is this this okay it's here, anyway so when you chew eat something and the one chew chew chew chew then you should like this upper teeth is, this is your upper teeth and this is your lower teeth it's not like this like this it's not like this but a little bit upper teeth is forward and the lower teeth is backward when you chew like a chew chew chew chew like this not chew chew chew chew chew more chew chew chew chew make sense? So try to do that consciously because yeah and then and then you will use more of upper teeth instead of lower teeth because you have to chew chew chew chew instead of chew and touching it's not not touching here but won't try to like over it over cover on the lower teeth when you chew. Just imagine, just when you chew it just try to do that.

Other very important tip is the tongue posture! As always, so when your face is resting, if that tongue is touching lower chin like this and then sticking out touching not just touching but that if the tip of the tongue is pressing that lower teeth of course the lower teeth is gonna come out and with this you're gonna you're gonna overwork this muscle here instead of up oh my tongue is dropped yeah so always in silver instead of pressing the lower teeth and sitting on the lower chin always up and you guys know if you have followed me a long time you guys I think you know what it is what is a tongue posture if you haven't know check the link in the description, not in the description, I try to, I learned how to do the card here so please check it out.

Last tip is again kind of tongue posture but not when you're resting but when you are chewing when you eat something drink something and when you swallow really be careful that this is really on top, the tongue is touched to the palate here up when you swallow instead of putting, pressing the lower teeth out that's the worst one, so when you you can try now I'll just use saliva if you don't have anything to drink or anything to eat I don't have anything to eat anything to drink. My tongue dropped again, okay so if you are tongue is resting on the bottom and pressing the lower teeth when you swallow your saliva or drink or something and then it's it's it's really a lot of pressure is happening so it's gonna get like this which is not good so always pressing the palate up when you swallow saliva, when you swallow, drink when you swallow food.

If your interesting in other exercises, please check my website Koko to free download the yoga paper and the book in sugar oil and the app is coming soon so check, stay tuned with us and be sure to sign up for the launch in the description here and as always thank you so much for watching. See you in the next video! Bye!
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