How To Lift Up Saggy Eyebrows | Lift Up Eyebrow To Make Brows More Symmetrical

How To Lift Up Saggy Eyebrows | Lift Up Eyebrow To Make Brows More Symmetrical

hi everyone today I'm going to talk about how to lift up your saggy eyebrow there are some exercises you can do to lift up brows but this is more like a new one is kind of more chiropractic exercise or practice so let's try it first of all why eyebrow sacks sags I'm not just I bro everything's kind of start sagging with the gravity and age, not just eyebrow but eyebrow happens too because eyebrow is here this one right and there are so many parts on the face like there's alike line and here in like there are many parts in between those puzzles bone panels there's like very very tiny gap and that gap becomes loose with age that's why it's that studying this part can be sagging or not just that bit like could be like a purplish circulation or so many reasons muscle becomes less elastic and it's not really lifting up but there are many reasons and then yeah this sucks but basically today's thing is what chiropractic thing

and so there's a bone here in this bomb and this little panel sack with age because there's like gap in between here this becomes loose so we're gonna lift up this bomb first check your mirror to find out which one which eye is more sagging I mean which eyebrow is more sagging hmm it's hard to mine is like I don't know I feel like this is more I is more up but my eyebrow is more down everything this is my dominant art it's like it it's weird eyes up but I promise down I think but let me know what which one is more sagging so case study I'm gonna work on this side right so this one right so based on we're gonna lift up this blue part that edge the car bomb by doing shiatsu technique let's do it we're gonna do three minutes today so let's do it use your finger here and then look like there's like this area so you're gonna hook this area

and then do not cause a wrinkle like this doll so just like up up up and if you have to pull the Rinku use your finger to protect the wrinkle or could be like just a little bit to the outside not inside but out cuz you don't do like this so up up up up yep then up up up up and just like this second think you might feel pain but that's normal I'm feeling a little bit cocaine and then slowly move to the other one from inside to a little bit more outer here do the same thing bring it up up up up up yeah it's a very tiny movement but you should not damage the eyeball you should not touch the eyeball so just speak here for about that and then I have one more minute yep so move to their little bit more side then but the most important thing is that either one I mean this in our I'm going to go back to the in I want to because I feel paying more here whenever you feel pain that's retention you should break it down

and really bring it up because if you have a lot of tension a lot of pain the math so is so it lasts less elastic and it's coming down sagging so you wanna lift up this is actually good for double eyelid to if you want to have a double more clearly defined double eyelid this it helps to okay it is three minutes I did three minutes but I'm not a little bit do more because I I wasn't doing at the beginning [Music] okay let's see what do you think my eyebrows are lifted a little bit done before hmm I don't know could be so now I want to make our eyes eyebrows symmetrical I want to bring this a little bit down and this is up and we did the up hurt so I wanna in my next video because I'm so tired I'm gonna do next video to bring it down so please stay tuned if you're interested in

and thank you very much for watching I hope you felt some difference if you do three minutes or longer you should feel used to see some result and maybe I yeah I hope I see I think a little bit up maybe the hoarding thing by the way I will be teaching face yoga at the yoga export LA so if you are around in the area and what area it's in Pasadena please join our link in the description below and in limited supply but the free discount me free tickets of their boss walk so please check it out

and also even if you don't live in no way please sign up at my class so that after yoga exploits a free sign up because I would like to have the biggest number among other instructors so that my class will move to the biggest room so that I can spread the craniums of face yoga to as many as possible as many people as possible and I need your help to do that so please check the link in the description below thank you so much yeah next episode is gonna be how to live yeah we did how to lift up so how to lift it down no cliff down how to bring that I am through a little bit down so stay tuned if you're interested in more to make our eyebrows more symmetrical and yep also always check my website Coco face yoga come to free download a yoga paper and look I'm missing about somewhere but my book anti-aging book in the sugar oil

thank you so much in the app is available as well so check it out free download they seem let's listen Oh see you in the next video thank you so much bye
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