How To Make Hollow Cheeks Fuller & Rejuvenate The Skin From Inside Out Naturally

How To Make Hollow Cheeks Fuller & Rejuvenate The Skin From Inside Out Naturally

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to make hollow cheeks a little bit more flare and skin rejuvenation for a long long long time since I started teaching face yoga or since started doing face yoga to myself I didn't know how to do it, I didn't know how to make face flower I mean the cheeks fuller because flat cheeks make you look younger and with age, some people including me have more hollow cheeks and makes you all look older which I did really hate it and I thought I am the only way I can get game fat is maybe I just have to gain weight and I had to gain weight on purpose but I was not really happy about my body and I don't know what to do and name something came out to my head.

The inspiration is this! This is a kaatsu band! Kaatsu means add pressure, this is for body actually this is for arm, so you wear it like this a little bit hold it a little bit tight not too tight a little bit tight and then moderate not stop the blood circulation but to moderate the blood circulation and then do some exercise actually you wear them both at the same time and I've been doing I mean recently I haven't done it but I have this thing more than like 15 years long time and do some exercise then when you do exercise it's really hard to do it because of this because the blood circulation is moderated so and then when you release this band well too bad all the Bloods are that's lactic acid accumulated here it's gonna win everything. Once you release it Shh like really both of the body I don't know how to explain this because unless you experiment experience it but it's really amazing III I'm a big fan of it anyway so this exercise inspired me to do create this exercise for the cheeks.

So what you're gonna do is first, relax then one side up and try put a little bit like try to make this more here not here because you don't wanna train here you wanna train more upper face this is overworking muscle you don't need to overwork so you wanna overwork this I mean you want to wake up the sleeping I'm also here so a little bit up… well I'm wearing a pencil [Music] like this try it and of course, do to the outside but the logic is it's like a when you do… you are adding a pressure from inside right and then you add the pressure with a hand like this, from outside so it's like a minor thing so it's like this really hard pressure it's happening here by doing so I felt this kind of the same sensation, conversation, sensation is happening to me so after this you really have to you cannot do like this is not a big effective you have to really make big balloon pick one as big as possible like all over them all over the cheek mm-hmm and then yeah just press slowly press all over the cheeks by doing so, I realize that when I release it when I really said a lot of circulation is going I feel it it's the same sensation as this which means because of that blood circulation is really happening here in them release it all the lactic acid accumulated here is all over the face Shh Shh… like all over the place which is really good for skin rejuvenation because the logic is this.

Let me explain this when the lactic acid move around Shh like this it kind of pokes wakes up the sleeping not the muscle but the sleeping capillaries. Capillaries are like a tiny stuff around the veins and that capillaries distribute good nutrients and oxygen to the skin but those are might be sleeping so by doing waking up by Shh after say shooting and the lactic acid movement wakes up the capillary and the capillary distribute the skin the oxygen and nutrients to the skin which means you're gonna get you're gonna rejuvenate the skin makes sense? I mean if you don't trust me to try it just try it and you feel the difference it's still tiring here it's still tiring on my side so let's do the outside and try to make that it's hard but try to make more upper side up…

and I feel very very tired right now do you feel tired fatigued I'm if you're not feeling fatigued you're not going you are not doing a good job and then because lactic acid is moving around it's really shhh… it's happening to release a lactic acid more effectively you're gonna do inhale then yes this is important but this really tried to vibrate the cheeks not just after lip but the cheeks yes release a lactic acid by doing this.

I like this exercise personally because personally in my face I kind of am my because of my genetics I tend to lose weight lose fat in the skin in the in the face which is really concerning me so I'm gonna keep trying this and keep you guys updated because this is a new technique that I just covered recently but I was too excited to wait to introduce to you guys I really would like to try it it wasn't so it's easy right and one thing I would like you to be aware that if you do like this it's okay but it may be dirty because a phone, a computer or something so I suggest you do here yeah this is fine too as long as your fingers are clean but mine will be clean in my case I use this.

Another thing I would like you to know to understand is that the increasing a fat, is a kind of not easy I don't think it's easily possible by doing face exercises unless you eat a lot but increasing this the volume of muscle is doable it's possible at any age same as body right? so by doing this exercise you feel fatigued that's a good sign that you're doing great muscle exercise so you're gonna increase the volume of the muscle plus the shhhh… lactic acid thing happening in the wake up the sleeping capillary to distribute more oxygen and nutrients are you gonna, you should get more beautiful skin I think.

Please let me know your feedback I really like to know. As always please check my website koko face to free download, the yoga paper and sugar oil and book is available as well and the app is available as well! So please check it out! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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